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Access regional websites and online services with regional IP addresses and beat slow service. With Astrill VPN Smart Mode, get the quickest VPN experience you can have.

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Fast VPN Experience with Smart Mode

When you are using a VPN, generally it assigns your computer a foreign IP address which can't only slow down your Internet experience but governments and institutions can figure out that you're using a VPN shutting down those IP addresses. Astrill VPN Smart Mode allows you to use the Internet with regional IP addresses keeping Internet speeds high and not raising any suspicion.

Smart Mode empowers users with high end stealth and security that is extremely challenging for authorities to spot. It means you can use all the services and surf Internet with a peace of mind.

Fast VPN Experience with Smart Mode

What Can I Use Smart Mode For?

Smart Mode can be beneficial in many circumstances for a variety of Internet users.
Your IP address will never be blocked

Your IP address will never be blocked

It is a fantastic feature for Chinese Internet users where government has strict regulations and censorship. With Smart Mode, you can use any website or service you want without any worries of getting your IP blocked.

High level of security

High level of security

Smart Mode also enables a high level of security for those who want additional protection. For governments and ISPs, it's much harder to detect that you are using a VPN service.

Avoid application blocking

Avoid application blocking

With Smart Mode on, you can use many IM applications and streaming services that block VPN services.

Stream local news

Stream local news

You can also stream local news much faster with Smart Mode.

Basically, Smart Mode allows you to use the VPN service without leaving any signs or clues that you are using a VPN for websites controlled by your government.

How Can I Use Smart Mode on Astrill?

Astrill VPN is a fantastic service that is easy to use for all types of consumers. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps:


Download and install Astrill VPN from our official download page

Turn on

Turn on the Smart Mode from settings and select a remote server located in a different country where Internet services aren't censored.


Start using the Internet with full freedom and security!

Smart mode can only be used in certain countries. Please contact our support for complete list.

What platforms support Smart Mode?

Astrill VPN Smart Mode works with
Windows Windows
Linux Linux
iPhone iPhone
iPad iPad
Anroid Phone Android Phone
Android Tablet Android Tablet