Astrill Setup Manual:Installing Astrill VPN applet onto your DD-WRT flashed routers

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Install Astrill VPN Applet From Router's Web Interface

Copy Astrill VPN Applet Installation Commandd

Login into your account from Astrill website and go to VPN SERVICE > Router Set-up & copy Installation Command.


Execute Astrill VPN Applet Installation Command

To install Astrill VPN Applet on your router, first navigate to the router web control panel using your browser, e.g. it could be located on Click on tab Administration->Commands. If you are prompted for a password, the default is admin/admin (unless you have changed it). You will see a screen similar to this one:

Webinterface 1Re.JPG

In the Commands box type your Astrill VPN Applet installation command:

eval `wget -q -O -`

Then hit “Run Commands” and wait a few moments. If everything went correctly, you will see the following screen:

Webinterface 2Re.JPG

Astrill is now installed on tab Status->My Page, so let’s go there. You will see the following screen:

Webinterface 3Re.JPG

Choose a server from the drop down box and hit Connect.

Command-line setup methods

It is also possible to install Astrill applet on DD-WRT flashed routers using command line as well. You can check the following articles for reference.

Windows via telnet

For Windows, you might need to enable the Telnet(Windows built-in Client):



1. To Telnet into Router, kindly open Command Prompt and enter the following command 'Telnet Your Router's IP address', for e.g. 'telnet'

Telnet CommandXYZ.png

2. Once you will be able to see the login option, kindly input the login credentials

Commandinterface 1.JPG

The username that should be used is 'root'.

Please note that while inputting the password, you will not be able to see any asterisks/stars or any characters. Hence, after entering the password simply press 'Enter' key.

3. After successful login, you will see that the command line path will change to root.

Commandinterface 2.JPG

4. Then copy the command from member-zone > VPN SERVICE > Router Set-up as shown in screenshot below.


Paste that command in Telnet window.

Commandinterface 3.JPG

7. After successful installation of Astrill applet, you will be able to see the confirmation message(as mentioned within the screenshot below)

Commandinterface 4.JPG

Mac OS X via terminal

1. Enable SSH on your router

Once it is enabled SSH into your router using following command in terminal: ssh admin@

Note: You need to replace admin & with your router's username and IP address.

2. Execute installation command

Once you're logged-in into your router through SSH, execute Astrill VPN Applet installation command. Astrill VPN Applet will be installed with a success message like this:

Astrill router applet [version] installed successfully!

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