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Browser Selection

Browser Selection helps you to select which browser will tunnel thru Astrill Application

Openweb browsers.jpg


2. Click Browser

3. Select Internet Browser you want to tunnel

4. Click OK

Site Filter

Site Filter is one of the Openweb features that will give you options which sites you want to go through VPN.

Openweb sitefilter.jpg

1. Site Filter feature is under the SETTINGS Menu.

2. Once you click on the Site Filter feature, you will see it is set to "Tunnel all Sites" mode as default.

3. Site Filter modes, click on the drop down arrow button to show the Site Filter modes such as "Tunnel all sites", "Tunnel only these sites" and "Exclude these sites".

Tunnel all sites

This mode will allow all sites to go through VPN and is highly recommended for privacy protection.


1. To choose Tunnel all Sites mode, click on SETTINGS menu then choose Site Filter.

2. By default it is set to Tunnel all Sites mode.

3. Click OK, now all sites will go through VPN.

Tunnel only those sites

This mode will allow you to specify the only site/s you wish to go through VPN.


1. Click on the SETTINGS menu and choose Site Filter.

2. Click the drop down arrow and select Tunnel only these sites.

3. Enter the site you want to tunnel only via VPN (Example:

4. Click OK to save.

Exclude these sites

Exclude these sites, this mode will allow you to exclude site/s to go through VPN.


1. Click on the SETTINGS menu and choose Site Filter.

2. Click the drop down arrow and select Exclude these sites.

3. Enter which site/s you do not want to tunnel through VPN, for example

4. Click OK to save.

Ads Blocker

Ads Blocker is used to block annoying ads. It works in all browsers. Ads Blocker consists of a set of rules which are compatible with Ad Block Plus for Firefox.

Openweb ads-blocker.jpg

1. Ads Blocker is under SETTINGS.

2. By clicking Enable Ads blocker, you can specify what ad you want to block or you can simply click Block useless sites.

3. Click OK to save the settings.

Smart Mode

Smart Mode (a.k.a. GFW Mode) is made specifically for customers in China with a goal to accelerate web surfing. When Smart Mode is enabled (in the Settings Menu), only blocked sites will be opened through Astrill servers, while all other sites (local sites) will be loaded directly.


1. Click on the SETTINGS menu.

2. Click on Smart Mode to enable the feature.

3. If you click on the SETTINGS menu again, you will see that Smart Mode is already enabled.

OpenWeb Options

Under Openweb options, you are allowed to choose which port combination you want to use or you can test which port combination will work best for you.

Openweb options1.jpg

1. Click on SETTINGS and then choose Openweb Options.

2. In Tunnel mode, you can choose whether to tunnel only web browsers (Browsers) or all applications (All Apps).

3. In Port, port is set to 443 by default. You can change it to 80, ALTA or ALTB (alta and altb can be random port assigned by server) and see which one works for you.

4. In Protocol, ver2 (version 2) is for users where ISP throttles torrents and unknown traffic. Some antivirus software is confused with Openweb ver2 protocol, so it will break it. In such case, you can use ver 1 (version 1).

5. Auto Tunnel Apps. When this option is enabled, Astrill will use system-wide Network Redirector Component to tunnel web traffic from applications automatically. No need to set system proxy. This option works with all major web browser.

6. Set System Proxy. Sets system global proxy automatically when Astrill is enabled. This affects all applications which use system proxy setting. This option is disabled by default. In case "auto tunnel apps" does not redirect your application automatically, try to enable this option.

7. Show logo in Firefox. This shows Astrill logo in Firefox address bar when Astrill is enabled.

Advanced Options

Advanced options will allow you to toggle on/off settings and features.

Revised 4.jpg

1. Advanced Option is under Settings

2. Keep connection – This option lets you keep connection even when you switch to another Astrill server (from drop-down list) or when you turn Astrill OFF (using ON/OFF button). This is especially useful when you are downloading a file and want to switch to another server. Normally Astrill would disconnect all connections thus your download would be aborted. With this new option you can change this behavior.

3. Auto CLear Cookies - this option, when checked, will tell Astrill to clear all browser and Flash cookies whenever you switch to another sever or turn Astrill ON or OFF. This is very useful for some web sites which remember you using cookies, so even if you are using VPN, they will know your default location. We have also added an option to the tray/context menu “Clear Cookies” which you can use to manually clear all cookies whenever you wish. This is very convenient too as it clears nasty Flash Cookies which are normally very hard to remove (you would need to go to Adobe web site to do that). When we are at explaining how sites tracking your location by cookies, let’s mention that some sites (like track your timezone as well ! Thus even if you are using VPN, that site will show you are not in USA and will not let you watch any videos. This is very easy to fix – just set your system timezone to let’s say UTC-8 which is California time zone. (you might need to restart browser or refresh the page – Ctrl-F5)

4. Stream Flash Directly – this option tries to stream flash videos directly (without VPN). Some sites don’t check location when streaming (Hulu is an exception tho). Thus using this option you can speed up your video streaming but usually our VPN is very fast thus you will not notice any difference.

5. Video Accelerator – this option enabled a special component in Astrill which accelerates video streaming thus, in most cases, prevents buffering and provides smooth video watching experience. This option works with Youtube, Vevo, Hulu, Vimeo and so many other video streaming sites. Video Accelerator is especially useful when your ISP throttles single TCP sessions (like most Chinese ISPs do for International connections). We have disabled this option by default as for some users it might not work good.

6. Youtube Burst Mode – This option lets you stream Youtube in burst mode whenever possible thus avoiding excessive buffering

7. This option will keep connection with our server accross browser request. Normally you should keep this enabled for faster surfing speed. If you have a lot of tabs open in a web browser or a lot of tabs with facebook and you see frequently "Too Many Connections" error, try to disable this option.