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=== Configuration For Other Devices ===
=== Configuration For Other Devices ===
* [[Astrill_Setup_Manual:Enable_VPN_Sharing:Configuration_For_Other_Devices|Share VPN With iOS (iPhone/iPad) Devices]]
* [[Astrill_Setup_Manual:Configuration_For_Other_Devices|Share VPN With iOS (iPhone/iPad) Devices]]
* [[Astrill_Setup_Manual:Enable_VPN_Sharing:Configuration_For_Other_Devices|Share VPN With Android Devices]]<br><br>
* [[Astrill_Setup_Manual:Configuration_For_Other_Devices|Share VPN With Android Devices]]<br><br>

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STEP 1: Open Astrill VPN app and login

After login, switch to StealthVPN.


STEP 2: Click on Hamburger menu from top left corner and select "VPN Sharing"


STEP 3: Enable VPN Sharing

Once VPN Sharing is enabled a dialog will appear, click on OK button from that dialog.


After enabling VPN Sharing, an IP address will appear in VPN Sharing window on Astrill App, note that IP address.


STEP 4: Connect VPN

STEP 5: Configuration of VPN Sharing on Other Devices

You can share VPN with following devices from your Computer: iPhone, iPad, Android devices, AppleTV, Xbox, PS3/4. Go to network settings of your other device on which you want to share VPN from your Computer and change Gateway (Router) and DNS to that IP address which you noted on step 3 from VPN Sharing window.

Configuration For Other Devices