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== '''STEP 3:''' Connect VPN On Your Computer ==
== '''STEP 3:''' Connect VPN On Your Computer ==
You can connect any VPN server.

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Configurations for Android Devices

STEP 1: Enable VPN Sharing On Your Computer


STEP 2: Note The IP Address After Enabling VPN Sharing

In our case IP address is: (You need to note down your own IP address from VPN Sharing window on Astrill App)


STEP 3: Connect VPN On Your Computer

You can connect any VPN server.


STEP 4: Go To Settings of Your Android Device


STEP 5: Go To WiFi Settings


STEP 6: Go To Settings of Connected WiFi


STEP 7: Change IP Settings To Static

From "IP Settings" option change "DHCP" to "STATIC".


After changing IP Settings to "Static", you'll see settings like shown in below screenshot:


STEP 8: Change Gateway And DNS

Replace Gateway, DNS 1 and DNS 2 with that IP address which you noted on "Step 2". (in our case it is


STEP 9: Check IP Address

Now go back and launch web browser from your Android device and open following link to check IP address: https://www.astrill.com/what-is-my-ip