Astrill Setup Manual:How to configure PPTP on DD-WRT firmware flashed Routers

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Attention! PPTP protocol won't be supported by Astrill after 1st January, 2021.

This setup tutorial has been created, tested and is working on ASUS RT-N16 router, flashed with DD-WRT v24-sp2 (08/07/10) mega, (SVN revision 14896).

Router: ASUS RT-N16

Description: NEWD K2.6 Big Generic

Filename: dd-wrt.v24-14896_NEWD-2_K2.6_big.bin

Date: 2010-08-09

Size: 6,82 MB

Download Link:

NOTE: PPTP cannot be used concurrently with PPPoE or Static IP. If your DD-WRT router WAN Connection Type settings are configured with PPPoE or Static IP, you must change Connection Type to Automatic Configuration - DHCP. The WAN port on the DD-WRT router must be directly connected to Ethernet port, or LAN port on a modem (which provides internet connection) for this setup to work properly. Routers must not be on the same subnet, otherwise DHCP will fail to assign IP address to router (you won't be able to connect to router).

MODEM [LAN] port (e.g. ISP modem) <=============> ROUTER [WAN] port (e.g. DD-WRT router)

STEP 1 - Disable SPI Firewall

Goto: DDWRT => Security => Firewall =>

Under Firewall Protection for SPI Firewall, select Disable, and click Save button.


STEP 2 - Enable VPN Passthrough

Goto: DDWRT => Security => VPN Passthrough =>

Under VPN Passthrough for PPTP Passthrough, select Enable, and click Save button.


STEP 3 - Configure PPTP VPN

Goto: DDWRT => Setup => Basic Setup =>

Under WAN Connection Type for Connection Type, select PPTP.

Then configure the following options:

Use DHCP => Yes

Gateway (PPTP Server) => GLA.ASTRILL.NET (For full-list of VPN servers goto:

User Name => Your Astrill VPN account email

Password => Your Astrill VPN account password

PPTP Encryption => Disable

Disable Packet Reordering => Disable

STP => Disable

When done, click on Apply Settings to connect to PPTP VPN.


STEP 4 - Check VPN Status

Goto: DDWRT => Status => WAN =>

On this page you can check the status of PPTP VPN, and also disconnect from PPTP VPN.


TIPS: If you want to change to another PPTP VPN servers, simply follow step 3 and change Gateway (PPTP Server) and then click on Apply Settings. When you want to switch back to your ISP connection, simply follow step 4 to disconnect. Then follow step 3, under WAN Connection Type for Connection Type, select Automatic Configuration - DHCP and click on Apply Settings button.