Astrill Setup Manual:How to install Astrill iOS App on iPhone

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How to Download & Install Astrill on iPhone?

1. You can download iOS version of Astrill application from and then click on Apple Store icon.

You can also directly go to Apple App Store/iTunes and search for Astrill VPN, as mentioned in the screenshot below:

Ios dl1.jpg

2. Then tap on Cloud/Download button to proceed with downloading and installation of the App.

Ios dl2.jpg

3. After the downloading & installation is complete, tap on Open to load the application.

Ios dl3.jpg

4. Then you will have to input the Astrill account's login credentials.

Ios 1.jpg

5. After a successful login, you will be able to see a Welcome Note from Astrill.

Ios 2.jpg

6. Then a notification message will prompt up for installation of new VPN profile, tap NEXT and tap Allow:

Ios dl4.jpg

Ios dl5.jpg

7. You will have to provide your 4-digit iphone passcode or touch ID if touch ID is enabled:

Ios dl6.jpg

8. Tap on the drop-down list for changing Server/Country:

Ios 3.jpg

9. Then you will be able to select any of the preferred server, as mentioned in the screenshots below:

Ios 4.jpg

10. To connect with the selected server, kindly press on the red button(labelled as OFF); so that the button can be switched ON:

Ios 5.jpg

Ios 6.jpg

11. After processing the connection will be established successfully.

Ios 7.jpg



-. The Invite button can be used for sending the invitation of Astrill VPN to your Friends.

Ios invite.jpg