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Some users are reporting about Google showing inaccurate location than where our server is located. Like, when you're connected to a "USA" server and access "", either it redirects you to a different region's google homepage or it shows different location at bottom of the page.

For example, check this screenshot below:

Google redirect 1.png

Please be informed, this is not a problem related to Astrill VPN. That is related to Google's IP2location database. This happens because Google determines it's users’ location by cross-checking the location of where the IP address is with the geolocation data it has of devices that use that IP address. If Google detects a significant number of devices using that IP address are in a certain area, it will change the location it lists for that IP address.

In the example above, Google might show your location to be in Hong Kong when connected to one of our servers in USA because that particular server is very popular with users in Hong Kong. We understand that this can be confusing, but if you go to a website that shows you where your IP address is based, like "", it will show you the IP address other websites actually see.

Google redirect 2.png

If you want to prevent this redirection then please use following URL once in your browser: And if you want Google to correctly recognize which country your server is in, we suggest you try different VPN servers.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to resolve this issue. We must wait for Google to fix it. We have raised the issue with them and are waiting for a response.

You can also help us get Google to address this issue quicker by reporting it to them when you encounter it. You can report Google mistaken IP address locations on following link: