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Not all devices can run VPN software. But this does not limit you with Astrill VPN. With simple configuration of network settings, any device in your local network can use VPN to secure its Internet traffic.

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What Is VPN Sharing?

The job of a VPN is to keep all the digital traffic coming to and from your device secure. However, when you want that protection to be extended to every device you own, you need to secure every device on your network with VPN instead of just your PC or phone.

That's where VPN sharing feature comes in super handy as it allows you to share the VPN from your PC over an entire network giving ultimate protection to all your devices including other PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, routers, and even gaming consoles, smart TVs and TV boxes. Regardless of what you do on the Internet and which device you are on, VPN sharing keeps you and your data from cyber threats and masks your real IP address for the outside world.

What Is VPN Sharing?
What Is VPN Sharing?
VPN Sharing is available on:

Another approach to securing all devices on your home network can be with a VPN router. The router connects to VPN server and all devices connected to this router's Wifi or Ethernet can use VPN connection without need of any additional VPN software. Our router applet offers advanced features such as Website filter, Device filter, Port forwarding and much more.

Why Can't I Just Install Astrill On Every Device?

That's one way of securing your digital devices against vulnerabilities. However, some devices (e.g. gaming consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation or smart TV boxes ) can't run VPN software or lack VPN settings.

VPN sharing allows you to protect these devices. You can configure any device on the network to use your PC as gateway and DNS server. VPN sharing saves you from the hassle of managing VPN apps on multiple devices.

VPN for Play Station

How Can I Use VPN Sharing on Astrill?

Astrill VPN is a fantastic service that is easy to use for all types of consumers. All you need to do is follow few simple steps:

Run Astrill VPN app
VPN for Kill switch

Download, install and run Astrill VPN

VPN for Kill switch

Go to Settings and enable VPN Sharing

Set up device
VPN for Kill switch

Configure your device to use your PC as gateway and DNS

If you are facing any issues, feel free to reach out to Astrill’s customer care and we will be more than happy to assist you.

왜 Astrill VPN 인가요?

Kill switch

킬 스위치 특징

Astrill은 VPN 연결이 끊어진 상태에서도 당신의 인터넷 활동을 침해당하는 것으로부터 보호하기 위해 신뢰할 수 있는 킬 스위치 VPN 서비스를 특징으로 가지고 있습니다.

Browse securly

군대 수준의 암호화

완전한 익명성과 데이터 보안을 위한 256-bit 군대 수준의 암호화를 사용

Filter device

무제한 기기들

한 가정에서의 5개의 기기들에서 동시에 VPN에 연결하세요

Unlimited performance

무제한 작동

멋진 인터넷 경험을 가져다 주기 위한 강한 하드웨어에서의 매우 빠른 연결


익명이며 안전합니다

Astrill VPN은 당신의 위치와 신원 정보가 절대 누출 되지 않도록 IP 주소를 숨겨줍니다.

No digital footprint

디지털 족적 없음

저지연 게임, 넷플릭스 접근, 로그인 없음, 안전한 토렌트 다운로드 등 Astrill VPN의 장점들은 그 이외에도 많습니다.

Secure bitcoin

저희는 암호화폐를 받아들입니다

비트 코인, 이더리움, 그리고 Monero, Dash, 또는 PIVX와 같은 높은 개인 정보의 코인들을 받아들입니다

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