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Access the deep web through Astrill VPN securely, without the need of running Tor software on your device. Open any .onion domain in your browser.

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What is Tor

Tor is short for "The Onion Router." This refers both to the software that you install on your computer to run Tor and the network of computers that manages Tor connections. Tor enables you to route on-line traffic through several other computers in the Tor network so that the exiting traffic is untraceable back to you. As the name implies, it creates a number of layers that conceal your identity from the rest of the world.

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Why not use just Tor instead of VPN?

There are multiple drawbacks to using Tor for on-line browsing. Your ISP and government can easily spot you are accessing Tor network. With sophisticated time and packet correlation analysis, they may even figure out what exactly you were doing while on Tor.

On top of that, Tor is a completely decentralized network, so really anybody can become node or even exit node. This includes governments who may try to sniff on what people like to do on the deep web.

What are .onion domains

On top of providing encrypted and anonymous access to the Internet, Tor also provides feature publicly known as Deep web or Dark web. Unlike regular websites, these websites are not hosted on publicly known IPs. The domain system is independent of any DNS servers, it uses advanced asymmetric and hashing cryptography to ensure security through .onion domains.

An example of such address is http://astrillrcpusdryujyzbsl7wsugvyfc5s6veyrpkojiqbrorgkfdxvid.onion/ - Astrill VPN official Deep web port. The domain itself serves as a key in decentralized database to locate desired website and securely connect you while ensuring that no nodes in the chain know about neither who is hosting the website nor who is accessing it.

Note that firefox needs a special configuration step before .onion domains can be opened. All other browsers work out of the box at this time.

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Why use Astrill VPN for deep web browsing

While with your ISP's connection you would need to set up Tor on your computer and connect to the Tor network to browse any .onion websites, Astrill makes things easy by enabling access to .onion domains on all servers. Simply open any .onion website in your regular browser while connected to our VPN and traffic will be routed through Astrill to the Tor network and back to you. The main advantages this has are:

Many devices

Hide Tor traffic

Your ISP nor your government will have any idea you are accessing the deep web, all Deep Web browsing activities become invisible

Family members

Protect from deanonymization

There are many theoretical and practical packet correlation attacks allowing governments to link you and your Tor traffic.

Small business

No need to run Tor

You do not have to undergo the complicated and painful Tor software set-up. Onion over VPN works out of the box on all Astrill servers.

Astrill Onion over VPN works with

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