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Site Filter

Tunnel All websites Through VPN

Site filter.png

Use this mode for privacy protection. This mode may slow down your internet connection

Tunnel Only These websites

Tunnel only these sites.png

Specify the list of IP addresses, one per line. You can also specify a range, for example: or in CIDR format: To get the list of IP addresses of a site, use nslookup command in the command prompt window. Make sure that you are connected to VPN - this will ensure that you will get accurate IP addresses for a website.

Exclude These Sites

Exclude these sites.png

This will allow you to tunnel only international sites through VPN and local sites will tunnel through local ISP. You need to enter the IP address of the international sites that will tunnel through VPN.

Tunnel Only International Sites

Tunnel only international sites.png

Use this mode only if you want to unlock geo-locked content, for example streaming TV. Local websites will load directly thus speed will not be affected. Please note, if you use this mode, it might take few minutes for router to connect to our VPN servers. depending on number of IP addresses allocated to your country.