Astrill Setup Manual:Change Gateway and DNS on Android

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Change Gateway and DNS on Android

Step 1 - On your Android mobile device, tap on "Settings"


Step 2 - Tap on Wi-Fi


Step 3 - Tap and hold on the connected Wifi network till the popup for modifying network config appear on the screen

File:VSA3.png File:VSA4.png

Step 4 - Scroll to the bottom of the screen for wifi connection, check "Show advanced options" and then tap on "DHCP" under IP settings

File:VSA7.png File:VSA8.png

Step 5 - Select "Static" instead of DHCP. Change the value in "Gateway" and "DNS" fields to the IP address you noted down earlier in VPN Sharing prompt here and tap on "Save" button

File:VSA9.png File:VSA10.png

Step 6 - Visit this link to check if your IP address has changed


Note : Make sure the computer (sharing OpenVPN/StealthVPN connection) and the other device are connected to the same Wifi network/router. You can share with ANY number of devices if connected and configured as above on same network.