Astrill Setup Manual:Firefox does not open .onion websites

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This tutorial is for accessing Onion websites with Astrill VPN connected.

If you are using Firefox while connected to our VPN servers, you may be unable to open .onion websites, which are hosted on the Onion network. You need to enable your browser to open those sites. To do that, you need to follow these steps below:

1. Launch Firefox web browser, type about:config in the address bar and press Enter.

2. After that you will see a warning "This might void your warranty!". You need to click on "I accept the risk".


3. In the search box type "network.dns.blockDotOnion" to find the setting we need.


4. Make sure the value of this setting is set to false. If the value is true, then double-click on this setting to switch it back to false.

5. That’s it. Now Firefox will be able to open all sites that operate using the .onion top level domains.