Astrill Setup Manual:How to configure IKEv2/IPSEC with StrongSwan application on Android tablet

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STEP 1 - Download Strong Swan Application

-.Download Strong Swan Application from our Download page

File:Screenshot 2014-05-28-13-20-42.png

STEP 2 - Tap Strong Swan Application

-.Tap Strong Swan Application to add profile

File:Screenshot 2014-05-28-13-23-01.png

STEP 3 - Add Profile

-. Tap Add profile to create a connection.

File:Screenshot 2014-05-28-13-23-24.png

STEP 4 - VPN Settings

File:Screenshot 2014-05-28-13-25-01.png

1. Profile Name: Astrill IKEV2

2. Gateway: GTX1.ASTRILL.NET ( check server's list from here

3. Type: IKEv2 EAP (Username/Password)

4. Username: Astrill Username

5. Password: Astrill Password

6. Tick "Select Automatically"

7. Press SAVE

STEP 5 - Choose Astrill IKEV2

-. Tap on Astrill IKEV2 to select VPN connection we just created.

File:Screenshot 2014-05-28-13-25-11.png

File:Screenshot 2014-05-28-13-25-19.png

File:Screenshot 2014-05-28-13-25-23.png

STEP 6 - Astrill IKEV2 Connecting

File:Screenshot 2014-05-28-13-25-27.png

STEP 7 - Astrill IKVE2 connected

-. Once connected, you will see a key icon in title bar(top-right corner) & status as "Connected". This indicates that VPN connection is successful and ON. File:Screenshot 2014-05-28-13-25-33.png

STEP 8 - Check IP address

-. You can verify if your IP has changed or not from this link

File:Screenshot 2014-05-28-13-26-08.png