Astrill Setup Manual:How to configure OpenVPN with FEATVPN app on Android tablet

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STEP 1 - Download the OpenVPN configuration files

Login to Members section, and then navigate to TOOLS > OpenVPN certificates.



If you wish, you can create and download new certificates for Android/Kindle tablet or you can use existing OpenVPN certificates/OVPN configs just fine. Once downloaded, you can extract the zip file into your Android/Kindle tablet storage anywhere, e.g. into "sdcard/Astrill"

Note : You can only generate and use the standard Openvpn profiles. You cannot use "Split Routing for China" profiles due to size limitation imposed by Openvpn Connect app. Split Routing profiles are meant to be used on computers only.

STEP 2 - Download and install the FEAT VPN application from any one of these links according to your operating system version

   Android 2.x (Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread) and 3.x (Honeycomb):
   Android 4.x (Ice Cream Sandwich/ICS, Jelly Bean):

STEP 3 - Connect to Astrill VPN server via FEAT VPN application on your tablet

1. Start the FEAT VPN app and accept the license agreement to continue.

File:Featvpn connect1.png

2. Upon the first load, you will need to test the device's VPN support by clicking "Setup" in the menu (see screenshots). The device will now run a few tests. Once it's done, tap "Exit" to get back to the main menu.

File:Featvpn connect2.png

File:Featvpn connect3.png

3. Tap the “Tunnels” button, then “Add” and “Load” to add one of your selected VPN server config.

File:Featvpn connect4.png

File:Featvpn connect5.png

File:Featvpn connect6.png

4. Browse to the folder on your device where you saved the extracted OpenVPN config files. Select the config file of the server you'd like to connect to.

File:Featvpn connect7.png

5. You should now see that FEAT VPN successfully imported the config file and changed all necessary settings by itself. Now please hit the “Back” button.

File:Featvpn connect8.png

6. On the next screen tap on the connection you just made, and wait for a few moments. You can see the connection progress.

File:Featvpn connect9.png

File:Featvpn connect10.png

7. Once it looks like in the screenshot below, you're successfully connected. To be sure you're properly connected, verify your IP and location at e.g.

File:Featvpn connect11.png

File:Featvpn connect12.png