Astrill Setup Manual:How to disable Android battery optimization

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STEP 1: Open Astrill VPN app and login

Now tap on options button (three dots in top right corner).

Battery optimization1.jpg

STEP 2: Select "Battery Optimization" and click on oK.

Battery optimization2.jpg

STEP 3: TAP on Apps not optimised and select All apps

Battery optimization3.jpg

STEP 4: Search for Astrill VPN app and toggle it off

Battery optimization4.jpg

Now go back to Astrill VPN app and connect to VPN. App will not be killed while running in the background (i.e. while you are using other apps such as Youtube, Facebook, Netflix)

Additional Notes

- When battery optimization is disabled for Astrill VPN app, you will not see "Battery optimization" menu item.

- Battery optimization settings is enabled only on Android 6 and newer.