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Getting Started with Astrill application setup on Macintosh OS X

Downloading and Installing Astrill application

1. Download the setup installer from Download page. Do note that you need to click on any one of the Mac OS X link and download the file to your Mac computer. It should look like this after been downloaded on to your computer.

Mac OS Setup Icon

2. Double-click the "astrill-setup-mac.dmg" file that should be on your computer in your desktop, or downloads folders. If you are using Mac OS 10.8 or above, you need to press Ctrl+click on the file icon and then select Open.

Astrill Setup Screen

3. If for some reason, while trying to run the setup you get a popup warning like this

Astrill Warning Prompt on Mac

you can run the installer again by pressing Ctrl+click to Open the file and then choose to allow the following prompts to start the installation.

Astrill Setup ScreenAstrill Warning Prompt on Mac

4. You can now proceed with the installation of Astrill application on your computer. You can refer to these screenshots of installation process as a guide.

Installation Step 1Installation Step 2Installation Step 3Installation Step 4Installation Step 5Installation Step 6Installation Step 7

In any case, if you still face any issues or have any additional queries, feel free to contact us for help.

Running Astrill application

1. Once Astrill application has been installed successfully, you can now run the application. Open Finder and then go to Applications folder. Find Astrill application (looks as grey star icon) and double click on it to open.

Mac Finder ScreenMac Applications Folder

2. You can now login into Astrill application window by using your Astrill account login details (check your email inbox for "Welcome to Astrill" email you got from us). Once logged in you would be connected in Openweb mode by default. You can select any server of your choice from the drop down list of application. If you want to turn Astrill proxy off for some reason temporarily, you can do that by pressing the ON button once. It would toggle to OFF state and your real IP would be exposed again in the browser. You can switch back between ON/OFF real-time with no restrictions on switches whatsoever!

Mac run1.2.jpg

3. You can even switch to Openvpn mode within Astrill application if you want to tunnel internet traffic from all your applications via VPN. Look for Openweb/Openvpn drop down menu in title bar and change to Openvpn mode. Now press on OFF button once to start connecting to the selected server of your choice. Wait a minute and you should be connected when you see a ON button with lock icon against the server name. If you want to disconnect, simply press the ON button again and it should disconnect from the server.

Mac run2.2.jpg

4. Once you are connected in Astrill application, you are ready to surf! Just check your IP address by clicking on Astrill icon and selecting "Check My IP" option. You can allow any firewall prompt you may get and it should open a page to confirm your IP address. If you see Astrill IP, you are good to go!

Check My IP addressFirewall PromptAstrill IP address

You can even take a tour of our application by visiting How it works page. We hope you enjoy Astrill - the fastest VPN service on the internet!