Astrill Setup Manual:How to configure OpenVPN with Network Manager on Linux

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1. First open terminal, and use this command to install the OpenVPN Network Manager plugin:

sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn openvpn


2. Login to Members area, and create and download a certificate for OpenVPN with configuration files. Click on Members, login to your account, then click VPN Services, and then click on OpenVPN certificates generation.


3. Open file you just downloaded, and pick a server and extract the OVPN file (in this example 27-USA-Seattle-1.ovpn).


Then make 4 copies of 27-USA-Seattle-1.ovpn file, and rename them and edit them accordingly:

Text between <ca></ca> tags goes into ca.crt file

Text between <cert></cert> tags goes into user.crt file

Text between <key></key> tags goes into private.key file

Text between <tls-auth></tls-auth> tags goes into tls.key file


4. Open Network Manager, and then click on Add button to create new connection.


Select OpenVPN for connection type, and then click on Create... button to create new OpenVPN connection.


5. On VPN tab, you need to set the following:

Connection name: Astrill VPN

Gateway: <VPN Server IP address>

Authentication Type: Certificates (TLS)

User Certificate: user.crt

CA Certificate: ca.crt

Private Key: private.key

Then click on Advanced... button for more configuration options.


On General tab, you need to set the following:

Use custom gateway port: tick and set 8292

Use LZO data compression: tick


On Security tab, you need to set the following:

Cipher: BF-CBC

HMAC Authentication: SHA-1


On TLS Authentication tab, you need to set the following:

Use additional TSL authentication: ticked

Key File: tls.key

Key Direction: 1