Attention Hulu & Disney+ Users! Password Sharing Ending On March

Updated on February 6, 2024
Attention Hulu & Disney+ Users! Password Sharing Ending On March

If you’re a Hulu or Disney+ user, we have some news. As of March 14th, you can no longer share your login information outside your household. An email was sent to subscribers from the Hulu Team, which stated that “we’re adding limitations on sharing your account outside of your household and explaining how we may assess your compliance with these limitations.”

Hulu’s subscriber agreement, updated two weeks prior, also states that users cannot share their subscription outside of their household. The revised terms also say that Hulu may scrutinize user accounts to ensure that the Hulu accounts are not used on devices outside of the subscriber’s residence.

The email sent to Hulu subscribers also states that this policy will apply immediately to those who subscribe. The updates in Hulu’s subscriber agreement are similar to the subscriber agreement of Disney+, which was also revised two weeks prior, with Disney+ having started their password crackdowns in Canada back in November.

In November, it was reported that Disney+ had lost $11 billion in revenue since it launched in November 2019. The streaming service has aimed to increase revenue by increasing prices and encouraging users to join its subscription tier with commercials.

In August, Disney’s CEO Bob Iger hinted that there are plans for the Disney streaming password crackdown. Disney aims to make their streaming services profitable by the end of 2024, and it plans on doing this by implementing a password crackdown, which can help drive subscribers and push profits, like the streaming giant Netflix did.

Hulu will be entirely owned by Disney very soon, and in the past has been more profitable than Disney+. As you can imagine, Disney has restricted password sharing on Hulu to gain more profits from the already financially successful streaming service.

How To Watch Hulu & Disney Plus Outside The USA

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