19 Best Hidden Roku Channels that You Should Try

Updated on March 4, 2024
19 Best Hidden Roku Channels that You Should Try

Streaming media to your TV has never been easier than with a Roku streaming player. When coupled with an internet-enabled device, this streaming stick makes it possible to watch live video from any location. This is why Roku surpassed the 80 million active users milestone last month (February 2024).

In this guide, we have lined up the top hidden Roku channels you may not have access to. So, follow this guide thoroughly to know these Roku private channels and how you can use our guide to access these secret Roku channels.

Does Roku Have Private Channels?

Any channel that isn’t available in the Roku Channel Store is considered a private Roku channel. Like the Roku Channel Store, the private channels work similarly, but you’ll need the Roku channel codes to use them.

These private channels are sometimes banned/removed by Roku for either their content licensing issues or because they’re bogus. However, the ones we’ve rounded up in this guide work well.

How to add Roku Hidden Channels to your device

1. Follow these steps to add Roku hidden channels to the device:

Visit this URL: my.roku.com on your device. Are Roku Private Channels Legal?

2. Sign in to your Roku account using your credentials.

Sign in to your Roku account

3. Now go to the Manage Account section.

Manage Account section

4. Tap Add channel with a code. (For example, if you want to add an Armchair Tourist channel, then add “ArmchairTourist”)

Add channel with a code

5. Type the channel access code of the channel you want to add.

Type the channel access code

6. Tap Add Channel.

Add Channel

7. Click OK when the error pops up.

Click OK when the error pops up

8. Tap “Yes, Add Channel”.

Yes, Add Channel

If the channel doesn’t appear on your channels list right away, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings.
Go to Roku Settings

2. Click on System.

Click on System

3. Select System Update.

Select System Update

4. Now select Check Now.

select Check Now

You can install AstrillVPN on your Roku device for a better and safer streaming experience. Check out our VPN for Roku guide to learn how you can install it easily.

The 19 best Roku private channels in 2024

The 19 best Roku private channels in 2024

1.   Happy Kids TV

Access Code: (HappyKids)

Happy Kids TV is one of the greatest undiscovered Roku channels for kids’ entertainment and skill development. A hidden Roku channel where your little one can learn the alphabet, numbers, art, and more is available.

2.   Armchair Tourist

Access Code: (ArmchairTourist)

Among the hidden Roku channels, Armchair Tourist is another one that offers something special. With this app, you can be enchanted by stunning landscapes from around the globe. Traveling to China’s Wulingyuan Scenic Area or Portugal’s Azores from the comfort of your own home is possible. From every location, the app transmits footage of the scenery from a fixed perspective.

3.   The Space Opera Channel

Access Code: (soctv)

If you’re looking for science fiction, independent movies, classic cinema, short fan-made films, and more, this hidden Roku channel is where it’s at. Many live TV material and on-demand categories are available on the free Space Opera Channel.

4.   5ik.TV

Access Code: (5ikTV)

You are able to access live television stations from nations in the Far East, such as China, Japan, and South Korea, when you use 5ik.TV. On the other hand, the user interface of this private Roku channel is not in English.

5.   Arirang TV and Radio

Access Code: (ArirangTV)

One of the greatest Roku private channels available is Arirang TV and Radio, perfect for fans of live South Korean TV stations or radio. It provides a variety of programming, including documentaries and content focused on cultural themes.

6.   El Cartel TV

Access Code: (chibchombiatv)

You can also watch El Cartel TV, a private channel, for free. This is the perfect add-on for Roku TVs that feature South American content, including live TV channels and others. Popular and top-rated networks such as Canal Capital, Canal Uno, and TeleSUR are available here.

7.   Unofficial Twitch.TV

Access Code: (TwitchTV)

The unofficial Twitch.TV is yet another gaming-centric private Roku channel. Twitch TV has ended support for its initial version but it doesn’t imply you can’t get your hands on copies of it.

However, it is recommended that you use a VPN with Twitch.TV because it has geo-blocked content.

8.   iTunes Podcasts

Access Code: (ITPC)

Some of the most popular podcasts on iTunes require an iTunes account, which is a bit of a pain. Nonetheless, you can listen to a wide range of iTunes podcasts on any device that supports them for free by using this hidden Roku channel for iTunes Podcasts.

9.   RokuCast

Access Code: (CL9D5D)

An official app for casting mobile videos on Roku TVs is already available in the Roku Channel store. This RokuCast secret or private channel, however, will allow you to cast HTML5 material from the Chrome browser on your PC to the Roku TV. The primary video player on Roku is compatible with it, and you can find it as a Chrome extension.

10.  Weather Radar

Access Code: (radar)

Are you interested in receiving regular weather reports on your Roku TV? In order to get live weather updates from all across the world, The Weather Radar is the ideal hidden channel on Roku. The fact that it comes straight from the United States National Weather Service means you can trust all the updates.

11.  Neon Party Games

Access Code: (H2CLHP)

You can download and enjoy the Roku private channel Neon Party Games for free. Unfortunately, it comes with adverts, and removing them will cost $1.99. People who enjoy playing in larger groups or who love multiplayer games will enjoy this channel the most.

12.  StreamNowTV

Access Code: (sntvdemo)

Independent filmmakers often create the finest indie films, and StreamNowTV is here to help. Offering a wide variety of content, including comedic, dramatic, horror, and action, it is now one of the best-hidden channels on Roku. But this private channel isn’t ready for broadcasting just yet.

13.  MultiLive

Access Code: (DNLMPK)

You can install this hidden channel to your Roku TV in case your main goal is to watch European live TV stations while traveling to another country. It provides a plethora of channels from all across Europe, including Berlin, the Netherlands, and France, and it doesn’t cost a dime.

14.  The Odeon Theater

Access Code: (odeon)

The Odeon Theater is a private Roku channel that offers new content every Wednesday and is free of charge. It features everything from independent works to cult classics. This secret Roku channel is great because it provides information about each film before it starts playing.

15.  The Silent Movie Channel

Access Code: (rollem)

In your life, have you ever watched a silent film? Silent films from the early 20th century are available on this Roku private channel in a wide variety of genres, including classics, comedy, drama, horror, and more and it’s totally free.

16.  Skitter TV

Access Code: (skittertv)

In the realm of premium, paid Roku channels, we have Skitter TV, which, when purchased in its entirety, costs $39.99 a month. As a matter of fact, the rates vary according to the bundle you choose. Fox, NBC, 90 HD stations, and more are available to you, depending on the plan you choose.

17.  EuroRoku

Access Code: (296XJKP)

A hidden channel you can add to your Roku is another European television station. EuroRoku is a subscription channel that gives users access to any of the more than 300 channels that are broadcast by well-known television stations in Europe. Content from a variety of nations, including Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Holland, and others, is available on them. 

18.  Pro Guitar Lessons

Access Code: (ProGuitar)

Pro Guitar Lessons is one of the greatest paid secret Roku channels for learning how to play the guitar, and it is one of the top channels available for acquiring this skill.

19.  Nowhere TV

Access Code: (NMJS5)

A great deal of stuff is available for you to watch without cost through this Roku private channel. You can access many different kinds of content that includes movies, television shows, and sporting events from services such as ABC, NFL, BBC, PBC, MLB, HBO, and HBO.

Private Roku Channels Access Codes List

Roku Private ChannelRoku Channel Access Code
Happy Kids TVHappyKids
Armchair TouristArmchairTourist
The Space Opera Channelsoctv
Arirang TV and RadioArirangTV
El Cartel TVchibchombiatv
Unofficial Twitch.TVTwitchTV
iTunes PodcastsITPC
Weather Radarradar
Neon Party GamesH2CLHP
The Odeon Theaterodeon
The Silent Movie Channelrollem
Skitter TVskittertv
Pro Guitar LessonsProGuitar
Nowhere TVNMJS5

Why should you use a VPN for Roku?

A trusted VPN for streaming, like AstrillVPN, offers significant advantages to Roku users. Firstly, it enhances privacy by encrypting internet traffic and preventing ISPs and other third parties from monitoring online activities. This encryption is crucial for streaming, as it safeguards viewing habits from being tracked.

Secondly, AstrillVPN allows users to access geo-restricted content by connecting to servers in different countries. AstrillVPN has servers in 57 countries; this enables Roku users to bypass regional restrictions unlock a broader range of content, and access Roku hidden channels. In regions with internet censorship, a VPN provides a means to circumvent such restrictions, granting access to a freer internet and more content choices on Roku devices.

Additionally, VPNs ensure security on public Wi-Fi networks, shielding data from potential interception by cybercriminals. This is especially important when streaming on-the-go in places like cafes or airports.

Moreover, VPNs can prevent ISPs from throttling internet speeds during streaming sessions, leading to a smoother viewing experience.

Are Roku Private Channels Legal?

Are Roku Private Channels Legal

Roku private channels, also known as “non-certified channels” or “unofficial channels,” exist outside the official Roku Channel Store. These channels are typically created and maintained by individuals or organizations and offer content that may not adhere to Roku’s content guidelines or licensing agreements.

Whether Roku’s private channels are legal depends on the content they provide and how it is obtained. Some private channels may offer legitimate content that is either unavailable through official channels or user-generated. However, others may provide access to pirated or copyrighted material, which is illegal.

Roku’s terms of service explicitly state that users are responsible for the content they access and stream through the platform. Roku does not actively curate or monitor private channels, but it reserves the right to remove channels that violate its terms of service or copyright laws.

Users are advised to use AstrillVPN when trying to unlock Roku’s private channels to protect their privacy and ensure they’re not tracked online by anyone.


Does Roku allow private channels?

Yes, Roku allows private channels, also known as “non-certified channels” or “unofficial channels.” These channels exist outside the official Roku Channel Store and can be added to a Roku device using a unique access code provided by the channel developer.

What is Roku after dark?

“Roku After Dark” typically refers to adult-oriented or mature content on private channels. These channels offer content that may not be suitable for all audiences and often include content such as adult movies or explicit programming.

How do I get to the Roku secret menu?

To access the Roku secret menu, you typically need to use a specific sequence of button presses on your Roku remote. This sequence varies depending on the model of your Roku device.

Does Roku give free channels?

Yes, Roku offers a wide range of free channels that users can access without a subscription. These channels may include ad-supported content, user-generated videos, news channels, and more.

Who can see private channels?

Private channels on Roku can only be accessed by users who know the unique access code the channel developer provides. These channels are not listed in the Roku Channel Store and are not visible to the general public. Users must manually add private channels to their Roku devices using the access code.

Is Roku private or public?

Roku itself is a publicly traded company, meaning its shares are available for purchase by the public on stock exchanges.

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