Static IP vs. Dynamic IP: Which One is Secure and Best for Use

Updated on November 6, 2023
Static IP vs. Dynamic IP: Which One is Secure and Best for Use

Network devices often employ static IP addresses, including servers, routers, and switches. However, computers, mobile phones, and tablets frequently use dynamic IP addresses. what do these terms even signify, and how can you decide which is best? Let’s dive into the details and find out. 

What Is a Static IP Address (Dedicated IP)?

A permanent Internet Protocol address, or static IP address, does not change. An IP address can be either dynamically assigned by the user’s ISP or manually entered by the user. A static IP address or dedicated IP does not change unless the device it is assigned to is reset or the network’s physical layout is modified.

What Is a Dynamic IP Address?

A dynamic IP address is assigned temporarily and then deleted after its allotted time has passed. Dynamic IP addresses, as opposed to static ones, are provided by a DHCP server.

TL;DR: Static IP vs. Dynamic IP Head-to-Head Comparison

Static IP AddressDynamic IP Address
It is assigned by the ISP or configured manually by the user. It is assigned by the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)
Static IP address cannot be changed any time a user wants. Once it’s assigned to the user, it can no longer be modified. Dynamic IP addresses are designed in a way that they keep changing from time to time. 
Static IP addresses are not very secure because they can be traced.Dynamic IP addresses are more secure because they cannot be traced because of their nature of changing time and time again. 
It is more stable than a Dynamic IP address, but the cost of maintaining it is high. Dynamic IP addresses are less stable than Static IP addresses, but it costs less to maintain them. 

Advantages of a static IP

When compared to dynamic IP addresses, static IP addresses offer many benefits. The following are a few advantages:

  • Better DNS support: Static IP addresses are significantly easier to set up and administer with DNS servers.
  • When running a server, whether a website, email server or any other server, having a static IP address allows clients to more easily locate your server through the Domain Name System (DNS). Users can easily use services and websites if provided with a permanent IP address.
  • Static IP addresses simplify VPNs and other remote access software, allowing for more productive work from afar.
  • Static IP addresses facilitate the usage of Speech over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for teleconferencing and other voice and video communications, allowing for more stable and consistent connections.
  • Static IP addresses improve geo-location accuracy since it is easier to correlate an IP address with its physical location. You are more likely to get the weather report you need if you use a local weather service with a static IP address rather than one based in the next city.

Disadvantages of a Static IP

Hеrе arе somе disadvantages of a static IP address:

  • Easy-to-track addresses can be a security concern, as the constant nature of static IP addresses makes it easy for cybercriminals to track a device and the data it shares or accesses, leading to unauthorized access to corporate networks. 
  • Post-breach difficulties arise with static IP addresses since they increase the risk of a website being hacked. After a data breach, changing IP addresses becomes challenging, making the business more susceptible to ongoing issues. 
  • Cost issues, as the cost of static IP addresses, is usually higher than that of dynamic IP addresses. Internet service and hosting providers often rеquirе users to pay commercial account fееs or one-time charges for assigning a static IP to each device and website.

Advantages of a Dynamic IP

Dynamic IP addresses are less expensive to implement than static IP addresses and require less maintenance.

  • Dynamic IP addresses make setup simple and automatic by having the DHCP server hand out the next available IP address to the device. There is nothing you need to do.
  • Utilizing a dynamic IP address typically results in reduced costs.
  • Dynamic IP addresses allow you to reuse IP addresses, which means you can use them indefinitely. An IP address is assigned to your device automatically and dynamically within a network. If you buy a new computer for your home and want to avoid having to manually erase the old one and assign it a new number, the network or router can do that for you. That eliminates the potential for muddled IP address conflicts between two computers.
  • Dynamic IP addresses can make it more challenging for hackers to specifically target your networked devices, which could improve their safety. Using AstrillVPN on your computer might further protect you by masking your online identity.
  • Improved safety against hackers due to the masking of precise location information.

Disadvantages of a Dynamic IP

Following are some of the disadvantages of a Dynamic IP:

  • Hosting can be problematic due to dynamic IP addresses constantly changing. This can cause issues with the Domain Name System (DNS) and tracking geolocations. 
  • Dynamic IP addresses are unreliable, leading to downtime and connection dropouts. This makes them less еffеctivе for data-hеavy onlinе activities likе onlinе gaming, confеrеncе calls, and VoIP. 
  • Remote access can be challenging for users with dynamic IP addresses, making it difficult to access the internet from devices outside of their primary network. The frequent IP address changes can create problems for remote network access. 

Is Dynamic IP more Secure than Static IP?

Ip addresses are vulnerable to several kinds of attacks by cybercriminals. IP spoofing is an increasingly popular and perilous form of cyberattack. IP spoofing occurs when an attacker conceals the origin of IP packets to trick a target into thinking the communication is coming from a reliable source.

For this reason, dynamic IP addresses are more secure than static ones, as they may better evade hacking attempts. As the first line of defense, a dynamic IP address makes it harder for threat actors to monitor your online actions, which can be exploited in various ways.

The increased anonymity afforded by dynamic IP addresses is one of their many advantages. It’s still possible to monitor you, but data collectors, scammers, thieves, and tech corporations will have a tougher time pinpointing your location if you have a dynamic IP address. A single authentication is sufficient when using a static IP address.

Do I Have a Static IP or a Dynamic IP?

Static IP addresses don’t change, but dynamic IP addresses only work for a limited period. Now the question in your mind would be, “is my IP dynamic or static”?
If you do not know if you have a static IP or a dynamic IP, then follow these simple steps to find out right away:

  1. Head to the Start Menu.
  2. Type cmd, and click on “Command Prompt.”
  3. In the command line, type: “ipconfig/all” and hit Enter.
  4. You will see a DHCP Enabled row in the generated results. 
  5. You’re using a dynamic IP if it says “Yes” in front of it. If it says “No, ” it means you’re using a Static IP. 

Here is an example of my connection:

As you can see, it says “Yes” because I am using a dynamic IP address. 

Is static IP best for gaming?

Yes, a Static IP address is good for gaming because it enables you to create and host your server for gaming. However, in terms of performance, a dynamic IP is better, but it has to be shared with all the other users. Once the user count of the Dynamic IP increases, the performance goes down.

On the other hand, a Static IP address’ performance does not go down when the number of users increases. Same is the case when you have a dedicated IP address, also known as a private IP, that you get from a VPN provider.  Also, sharing a single IP address (Static IP) is easier than sharing a Dynamic IP, which keeps changing from time to time. 

Hosting your server can be difficult without a static IP. Port forwarding or a dynamic DNS service will be required. On the other hand, a static IP allows you to simply provide the address to your guests (the other players). People will type in the address and connect to your server.

However, a few issues associated with static IPs could disrupt your online gaming experience. Its weak security is the primary concern for many users. Since static IPs don’t change, unsecured devices can easily be identified. This loophole can be used by hackers or specially designed malware to damage your network or devices.

It’s also not ideal because you’ll have to manually change your IP address before re-registering with a server if your static IP address ever gets blacklisted. On the other hand, a dynamic IP generates a new address each time you connect to a server.

It’s not just gamers who take advantage of Static IPs; small companies also rely on the protocol for their hosting requirements.

Does a Static IP Reduce Lag?

Yes, a Static IP reduces lag or, in other words, provides low latency. Compared to a Dynamic IP, the Static IP provides great upload/download speed, which is one reason why many gamers opt for it.

Another thing to understand is that many more factors cause lags in gaming, and by resolving these issues, you can lower your ping and enjoy seamless gaming.

Which IP Does Astrill Offer?

AstrillVPN offers a Static IP address with AES 25-bit encryption, eliminating the vulnerabilities of Static IP addresses. Astrill also provides private IP addresses so that you can browse the web, stream, or access your bank with a secure and unique IP address that is not shared with other Astrill users; A (private) dedicated IP also enables users to enjoy great bandwidth as it a unique IP, not shared with other users. 

Static vs. Dynamic IP Addresses: Which Is Best for You?

Websites and online services hosted in-house by enterprises benefit greatly from Static IP addresses or private dedicated IPs. Having remote employees connect to the office network via a VPN is another case that benefits greatly from static IP addresses. The benefit is enhanced when the employees are provided dedicated IPs, allowing them to work safely from anywhere. 

Most users won’t have any issues with dynamic IP addresses too. They are less expensive and less dangerous than traditional options when it comes to security. 

Whether you use a static or dynamic IP address, you need a quick and trustworthy VPN like Astrill to stay safe and protect your privacy.


Should smart devices have Static IPs?

Routers, printers, and FTP servers should have static IPs. Smartphones and PCs can use either static IP or dynamic IP, it does not make a big difference. 

Does static IP increase internet speed?

A static IP does not increase internet speed literally, but it provides low latency and ping rate, which results in better upload and download speed. 

Can dynamic IP be hacked?

No, it is nearly impossible to hack a dynamic IP because it keeps changing from time to time. Hence the hackers cannot attack devices having dynamic IP.

how often do dynamic IP addresses change?

A dynamic IP usually changes every 24 hours or a multiple of 24 hours. However, a dynamic IP may also change when you reboot your system or reconnect to the network.  

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