Earn up to 25% commission

Take advantage of our re-opened Reseller program with attractive benefits. Our resellers can make up to a 25% recurring commission when they sell service codes to their customers. The higher the order, the bigger the discount. Moreover, resellers can manage registered accounts of their customers in the Astrill system.

Earn up to $65 per order.

Become reseller Start promoting in few minutes
Enroll to our program 1

Enroll to our program

All you need is to fill the form at the bottom of the page.

Prepay credit 2

Prepay credit

Buy reseller credit with progressive discount.

Create and sell accounts 3

Create and sell accounts

From Reseller Control Panel you can create codes to sell to your clients.

Create and sell accounts

Prepay credit and use it to purchase account codes which you sell to clients later
$ 2,000 Credit
$ 1,900 Price
5% Discount
$ 5,000 Credit
$ 4,500 Price
10% Discount
$ 10,000 Credit
$ 8,500 Price
15% Discount
$ 20,000 Credit
$ 16,000 Price
20% Discount
$ 100,000 Credit
$ 75,000 Price
25% Discount

Become reseller

and earn money with Astrill VPN
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