Astrill Setup Manual:Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is Astrill? Why do I need it's services?

Astrill is a plug-and-play VPN service which connects your computer with Astrill servers using a 128-bit SSL encrypted tunnel thus making your Internet connection secure and protected from eavesdropping and hackers.

What is the price for Astrill VPN? Is it expensive?

Our prices are very low as compared to other companies. See our Pricing page for more info -

Can I have a free trial before purchase?

Yes, we do offer a 7 days free trial. So, that every one can try our service before they purchase.
You can contact our live support or make a request at

Can I ask for a refund if I am not satisfied with your service?

Yes we have a 7 days conditional refund policy. Read over our Refund policy here - . If you have any issues with Astrill, we suggest you to contact us first regarding it.

Can I use Astrill with my mobile phone such as iPhone, Android etc.?

If your mobile device supports PPTP/L2TP over IPSec protocol, you would be able to use Astrill with it. So far, officially we support iOS and Android based mobile devices.
Just download and follow the instructions from our download page here -

Can I use a single Astrill account on multiple devices?

You can use a single Astrill account on as many devices you want, but NOT simultaneously as we disallow multiple logins for security reasons. We do provide Home Plan subscription though that allows up to 5 devices to be used simultaneously with one account. For more details, please contact our support.

Does Astrill keep any track records of user activities like browsed websites, watched videos, private websites' login details etc.?

You can enjoy total privacy. No logs are kept at all!

How does "Invite Friend" system works?

Whenever you invite someone and he/she joins Astrill through your invitation link, and pays for any subscription package, you are entitled to get a free month of access and it is credited instantly after their purchase is processed. If you are sure that your friends has registered and paid, yet you are not awarded any free months, please contact our support with their email addresses for verification, so that they can take a look into it.
Note: Free Trial accounts and Lite account users cannot avail this opportunity of inviting friends for free one month bonus. You need to upgrade to Full subscription for that.

How do I know Astrill is working fine and all browsing and files are tunneled?

Please check with this page to confirm if Astrill IP is setup properly in your browser - or use Astrill application's built in IP-check utility by right clicking on Astrill icon on system tray and selecting it.

How does using Astrill VPN can affect my internet speed?

It would be very marginally affected as Astrill doesn't alter any system settings related with speed of Internet connection.
Though as you can see that traffic is going redirected from our servers to your system and not directly, there can be a marginal difference in speeds.
Though many recent Astrill improvements can overcome it and provide even better experience than your ISP provides.

Do you offer multi-user or company licenses?

Yes, we do provide Business accounts for corporate users. You can find more information about them in detail -

What are the differences between Astrill OpenVPN, PPTP and Layer 2 services?

Please look here for more information on all three services in detail -

Do I need to use your Astrill application or can I use any other OpenVPN software to connect?

You can use Openvpn GUI/Tunnelblick/any other client too, but it's recommended to use Astrill Application as it's more user friendly and plug-and-play even with OpenVPN too!

Where can I buy a coupon code?

You cannot buy a coupon code from us directly. You need to buy them from our account resellers. Though you won’t need a coupon code if you want to pay directly on our website normally.

How to become a Reseller of your service? Where can I find information on it?

You can find more information about our Resellers program here -

How to open a support ticket?

Go to the following page -
Fill the form with your problem details in it and press Submit button. It will generate a support ticket and our support department will help you solve your problem and reply you as soon as humanly possible. Or alternatively, you can write an email to us at and it will also generate a support ticket as mentioned above.

How to tunnel every software I use using your Astrill application? Can I get whole of my operating system to be run under Astrill VPN using it?

You need to use OpenVPN mode in Astrill application in order to make your complete system working under Astrill VPN. You can switch to OpenVPN mode in the Astrill application itself. For logging into OpenVPN mode, please logout of Astrill OpenWeb mode. Then at the login window, select OpenVPN mode (little wireless tower like icon in the left bottom) then login into OpenVPN mode by pressing Login. Once logged in, select any server and connect to it by pressing ON/OFF button and it will establish connection to our Astrill SSL servers within a minute.

Are communications between my computer and your server encrypted?

Yes. We provide 128-bit SSL encrypted tunnel thus making your Internet connection secure and protected from eavesdropping and hackers.

What VPN technologies Astrill offers?

We provide OpenWeb, OpenVPN, StealthVPN, RouterPro VPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP and Cisco IPSec.

- For best security we recommend StealthVPN or Openvpn
- For fastest surfing speeds - OpenWeb
- L2TP/IPSec, PPTP and IPSec works best on cell phones
For more details on VPN protocols supported by Astrill, refer to this article.