Discord Virus Alert: How to Remove Malware and Hackers?

Updated on October 25, 2023
Discord Virus Alert: How to Remove Malware and Hackers?

If you’ve been using Discord recently and noticed some strange things happening with your account, there’s a good chance you may have picked up some malware. Discord viruses and hackers are on the rise, targeting users to steal information or use your account for their own purposes. The good news is, there are some steps you can take to remove any malware, secure your account again, and get back to chatting with friends. This guide will walk you through exactly what to do if you think you’ve been hit with a Discord virus or hacker attack.

What Is the Discord Virus?

The Discord virus is malware designed specifically to target Discord, the popular messaging app for gamers. Discord malware attempts to steal your account info, install ransomware, or gain access to your computer.

How Do I Know If I Have the Discord Virus?

Some signs you may have been infected:

  • Discord is slow, crashes frequently or won’t open
  • New files, folders or programs appear that you don’t recognize
  • Your Discord password was changed without your knowledge
  • Friends report spam messages from your account that you didn’t send.

With vigilance and proper precautions taken, you can avoid the Discord virus and stay safe while chatting with friends.

How Hackers Spread Malware on Discord?

Hackers are always looking for ways to spread malware and gain access to users’ accounts. On Discord, they employ some sneaky tactics to infect unsuspecting members.

How It’s Done?

  • Discord hackers often pose as legitimate members to trick you into clicking malicious links or downloading infected files. They may send unsolicited friend requests or direct messages with links to “free nitro” or other scams. Never click links or download attachments from strangers!
  • Hackers also create fake bot accounts to automatically send infected files and links to thousands of users. These bot accounts often have names like “Free Nitro Bot” or “Discord Gift Bot.” Block and report any bots that message you unexpectedly.
  • Another trick is to embed malware in meme images, gifs, or other media they share in public servers and channels. When you view the image, the malware installs itself. Be wary of viewing images from unknown users, especially in popular servers.

Signs Your Discord May Be Infected

If your Discord app is acting strangely, it could be a sign that it’s infected with malware or has been hacked. Be on the lookout for these warning signs:

  • If you’re getting messages from users you don’t recognize, especially links or files, your account may have been compromised.
  • Check your account settings to make sure nothing looks different, such as your username, password, email, or billing info. Hackers may change details to take control of your account.
  • If Discord is running slowly, freezing up, or crashing unexpectedly, it could indicate malware infection. Malware can tax your system resources and disrupt normal functioning.
  • Seeing lots of pop-up ads, especially inappropriate ones, is a red flag. Malware is often designed to generate ad revenue by bombarding you with ads.
  • Malware activity can cause your device to work harder, resulting in overheating, fan noise, and battery drain. This is a sign malware may have infected your Discord app or device.

If you notice any suspicious activity or changes, it’s best to log out of Discord immediately and scan your device for malware to remove any viruses.

Can you get a virus from Discord?

Discord itself is generally secure, but as with any online platform, there are risks of encountering malware and viruses. Hackers often target Discord to spread viruses and steal personal information. By taking some basic precautions, you can use Discord safely and avoid infection.

  • First, be wary of unsolicited messages, especially those containing links or attachments. Never click links or download attachments from unknown or untrusted sources. Hackers frequently send messages with malicious links to steal login info or install malware.
  • Second, enable two-factor authentication on your Discord account. This adds an extra layer of security for logging in and helps prevent unauthorized access. Hackers are less likely to target accounts with two-factor authentication enabled.
  • Finally, keep your operating system and Discord app up to date with the latest patches. Updates often contain security fixes to protect against known vulnerabilities that could be exploited. Outdated software is an easy target for hackers and viruses.
  • Be cautious of unsolicited messages and keep your software up to date. By being vigilant and wary, you can continue using Discord without worry. If you do encounter a virus, run a reputable antivirus tool to remove any malware and reset your Discord password immediately. Staying secure is a shared responsibility, so do your part to prevent the spread of viruses on Discord.

While no system is 100% foolproof, following safe computing practices can help reduce the risk of infection from Discord.

Protecting Yourself From Discord Hacks

Protecting Yourself From Discord Hacks

Protecting yourself from hacks and malware on Discord requires vigilance. Here are some tips to help reduce your risk:

Use a Strong Password

Choose a password with at least 12 characters, including numbers, symbols and uppercase letters. Don’t reuse the same password across sites. Use a password manager if needed to keep them all straight.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Turn on two-factor authentication (2FA) for your Discord account. This adds an extra layer of security for logging in. You’ll receive a code sent to your phone or email to enter in addition to your password.

Be Wary of Suspicious Links

Never click links or download attachments from unknown or untrusted users. Malware, viruses and phishing scams are frequently spread this way. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Don’t Share Personal Information

Keep details like your full name, address, passwords, and credit card numbers private. Only share personally identifiable information with people you know and trust.

Report Unusual Activity

If you notice unknown logins, messages you didn’t send or other strange activity on your Discord account, report it to the Discord support team immediately. They can lock down your account and help you secure it to prevent further hacks or compromise.

What is Kawaiibot discord virus?

What is Kawaiibot discord virus

The kawaiibot discord virus is a type of malware that spreads through Discord chat app. Once on your system, it can steal account info, install other viruses, show ads, and more.

To remove the kawaiibot discord virus, take the following steps:

  • Scan your computer with up-to-date antivirus software. This can detect and remove the kawaiibot virus.
  • Check your Discord settings and revoke any suspicious third-party app authorizations. The kawaiibot virus may have gained access by posing as a legit bot or plugin.
  • Be on alert for phishing messages or links from contacts on Discord. The kawaiibot hackers often spread the virus through targeted phishing campaigns on Discord.
  • Change your Discord account password immediately. The kawaiibot virus may have stolen your login info, so a new strong password is critical.
  • Warn your Discord friends about the kawaiibot virus and phishing scam. Let them know to be vigilant and spread the word about this Discord security threat.
  • If issues continue, you may need to uninstall and reinstall Discord. As a last resort, a clean reinstallation of Discord can remove any lingering kawaiibot malware.

How to get rid of Discord Virus from your device?

To remove the Discord virus from your device, follow these steps:

Backup your data

Backing up your data is important for saving it. In this way, your data won’t be lost when virus will get removed from your device. Disconnect from the internet and backup important files so that they won’t be lost.

Update Discord

Make sure you have the latest version of Discord installed. Outdated software is an easy target for malware. Go to Discord’s website or open the Discord app and check for any available updates. Install them right away.

Scan for malware

Run a scan of your whole device using trustworthy antivirus software like McAfee or Norton. These scans search for any malicious software like viruses, worms or Trojans and remove them. If anything is detected, delete it immediately. You should also scan any external storage you’ve connected to your device recently.

Check browser extensions

Look through the extensions installed in your web browser, like Chrome or Firefox. Uninstall any that you don’t recognize or that have access to your Discord data. Hackers will often hide malware in browser add-ons.

Reset Discord password

It’s a good idea to change your Discord password after an infection to prevent further access. Go to Discord’s login page and click “Forgot Password.” Enter your email and Discord will send a link to reset your password. Make it unique with a minimum of 8 characters, numbers and symbols.

Install a VPN for browsing safely

Install AstrillVPN on your device. AstrillVPN helps hide your online activity and location through its military-grade encryption. This makes it harder for hackers to access your data or device while you are browsing safely with VPN turned on. Astrill’s various features like Smart Mode, Kill Switch and DNS leak protection can keep your data safe.

How to get rid of Discord Virus from your browsers?

To remove the Discord virus from your browser, follow these steps:

  1. Clear your browser’s cache and browsing data. This will remove any malicious scripts the virus may have placed in your browser.
  2. In Chrome, go to Settings > Privacy and security > Clear browsing data. Select “Cached images and files” and “Cookies and other site data” and clear your data.
  3. Do the same in Firefox, Edge or your preferred browser.
  4. Use a reputable antivirus program to scan your entire computer for any malware. Delete anything the scan detects.
  5. Uninstall unknown browser extensions. The Discord virus may install unwanted browser extensions to track your activity. Go to your browser’s extension page and uninstall any recently added extensions you don’t recognize.
  6. Reset your browser to default settings. Go to your browser’s settings or preferences page and select “Reset to default” or “Restore default settings.” This will remove any changes made by the Discord virus. You may need to sign in again to sites you visit and re-save passwords.

Can joining a discord server get you hacked?

No, joining a Discord server alone cannot get you hacked. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to avoid malware and hackers.

Be wary of suspicious links and downloads

Never click links or download attachments from people you don’t know and trust. Hackers often send phishing messages with malicious links and files to steal data or install malware.

Use a strong, unique password

Reusing the same password across sites means that if one account is compromised, hackers have access to all your accounts. Use a password manager to generate and remember complex, unique passwords for Discord and other services.

Be cautious of voice and video calls from strangers

Hackers have been known to make Discord calls to spread malware that activates when the call is answered. Only accept calls from people on your friends list or in servers with trusted members.

Report suspicious users and messages

If someone sends you a dubious link, file, or message, report them to Discord’s Trust & Safety team. Reporting hackers, scammers and other malicious users helps keep the Discord community safe.


Here are some common questions about Discord security:

Q: Can someone get your IP address from Discord?

Discord does collect your IP address, but only uses it internally and does not share it with other users. However, hackers may try to obtain it through malicious links, downloads or bots on Discord. Be cautious of unsolicited messages and never click unknown links.

Q: Is Discord safe from hackers?

Discord employs strong security measures like end-to-end encryption for messages and two-factor authentication to help prevent hacking. Watch out for phishing attempts, malicious bots, or users asking for personal info or account access. Never share sensitive data or your password.

Q: Why does my antivirus think Discord is a virus?

Some antivirus programs may flag Discord’s executable file incorrectly as malware. Discord is a legitimate messaging app, but hackers sometimes disguise viruses as popular software to trick users into downloading them. Make sure you only download Discord from the official website. If your antivirus continues blocking it, you may need to add an exception. But first double check that the file in question is the authentic Discord program.


Now you know what to watch out for and how to protect yourself from malware and hackers on Discord. If you do fall victim to an attack, don’t panic. Discord’s security team works hard to address issues quickly and will help get your account back under your control. The internet can be a dangerous place, but with some common sense precautions you can feel confident connecting with friends new and old on Discord without fear of viruses, scams or hackers harshing your mellow.

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