VPN Kill switch

Avoid leaking your residential IP when VPN disconnects

With VPN Kill Switch feature, Astrill stops sending or receiving Internet traffic to and from your device if and when connection fails.

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What can cause VPN Disconnection?

Astrill VPN is generally very reliable and it will work as it's supposed to. However, occasionally some technical issues occur due to which your VPN connection may drop. These include:


Router/Firewall preferences

If you have security software installed such as anti-virus, firewall or a similar program, they may cause your VPN connection to drop. You can fix the issue by creating an exception for the VPN from your security software settings.

WEB globe

Spotty Internet

It should be kept in mind that your VPN connection is as strong as your Internet's service strength. If your Internet is spotty, your VPN connection will drop. This happens very frequently if you are on public Wi-Fi since there's heavy load on the router causing service interruptions.


VPN protocol

Depending on your location, connection type and ISP certain protocol configurations can be less stable than others (UDP vs TCP, StealthVPN vs OpenWeb,...). So if your VPN is giving you trouble, check whether it's running on the right protocol.

Why do I need a VPN Kill Switch ?

The Kill Switch feature is a must have for any Internet user who relies on a VPN service to keep their personally identifiable information and online activity strictly confidential. As reliable as Astrill VPN is, odds can catch up to us and the connection may drop for a range of technical reasons. For those temporary lapses, you can't risk not having a kill switch VPN.

If you are using torrent software to download software or media, you must consider getting a kill switch enabled VPN. Lack of kill switch may lead to exposure of your personal identity and Internet activity to hackers, ISP and government.

VPN for Kill switch

What platforms support Kill Switch?

Astrill VPN Kill switch feature is implemented in desktop application.
Windows Windows
Linux Linux
VPN for Kill switch

App Guard vs Kill Switch

Kill Switch has become a common VPN software feature. For Windows clients we have implemented an enhanced version of this - we call it App Guard. The key difference is that App Guard allows you to block only SPECIFIC applications from accessing the Internet, while all others will work just fine if VPN disconnects. This is very useful when you do not want your IP to get revealed (for example BitTorrent applications, on-line forums and chats) while you want to keep access to the Internet with other apps, no matter if over VPN or over residential IP. App Guard works even when Astrill desktop application is not running and it's enabled automatically on system startup.

Why should I choose Astrill VPN?

Kill switch

Kill switch feature

Astrill features reliable kill switch VPN service that will keep your Internet activity secure from prying eyes even if VPN connection is dropped.

Browse securly

Military grade encryption

Use 256-bit military grade encryption ensuring complete anonymity and data security

Filter device

Unlimited devices

Connect up to 5 devices in one household simultaneously to the VPN

Unlimited performance

Unlimited performance

Super fast connection on powerful hardware to bring you an amazing Internet experience


Anonymous and safe

Astrill VPN masks your IP address to ensure your location and personally identifiable information is never leaked.

No digital footprint

No digital footprint

There are other advantages of using Astrill VPN including low latency gaming, access to Netflix, zero logging, safe torrent downloading and more.

Secure bitcoin

We accept crypto

Bitcoin, Ethereum, high privacy coins such as Monero, Dash or PIVX and many more accepted

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