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Astrill VPN Reviews

ChinaChina, Guangzhou 2015-07-28

AStrill is honestly the best VPN i've ever used before - you can practically use it anywhere, anytime, just with a click of a button.

Posted by: David L.
ChinaChina, Shanghai 2015-07-26

Dear, I used Astril a couple of years ago and I was very happy of the service provided. I am now back in China, most of my friends are still using Astrill and they confirm that quality of service is still good. Today I subscribed for the 1 year contract and I wish that Astrill will be supporting me as in the past both on my laptop at home and on my mobile, to surf websites outside China but also to speed up the connection. Thanks Best Mario

Posted by: mario z.
ChinaChina, Tianjin 2015-07-21

Overall Astrill is by far one of the greatest VPN Service Providers I have used. Having possibly used over 10/15 different providers over the past 5-10 years, moving over to Astrill was (in my mind) another company which offered services with high promises, however in this case Astrill lived up to their promises. The best feature is deffinately DDWRT, and working within countries with high censorship. I would deffinately recommend Astrill to those looking for a vpn provider. One of the biggest needs would be to create VIP Servers which do allow P2P / Sharing applications, like other standard (*) servers. It would also be an additional benefit if dedicated IP addresses were cheaper after the first purchase. Overall, the support has been fantastic, able to answer my questions quickly, and resolve issues relating to application setup, and more indepth DDWRT network issues. Fantastic, and look forward ot Astrill bringing more services and technologies into the VPN World. Many thanks, Kriss.

Posted by: Kriss P.
ChinaChina, Xi'An 2015-07-20

Your service is an excellent one so far, particularly your support for customers in China. Where other companies failed to keep up with the Chinese gov't, you guys came through. Thanks!

Posted by: Jing G.
United StatesUnited States, Cape Coral 2015-07-17


Posted by: John J.
South AfricaSouth Africa, Pretoria 2015-07-14

Really impressed with Astrills functions, easy user interface, and seamless web video recording capabilities. Super reliable. I only got the 6 months as a trial but will definitely be extending far in to the future.

Posted by: Benjamin B.
QatarQatar, Doha 2015-07-09

I Have had no problems with Astrill since installing, works well in the background. Only had to start Astrill on a couple of occasions as for some reason it did not start automatically.

Posted by: Huw M.
SingaporeSingapore, Singapore 2015-07-09

So far, it has been very helpful in connecting us to our usual sites when we were abroad, especially in China. It's quite reliable most of the times, and it only lags depending on the wi-fi signal strength of the area you are in. Recommendable to everyone as it is easy to use.

Posted by: Joni Elouine D.
ChinaChina, Xinhua 2015-07-07

This VPN is brilliant, the price is also high though. The quality and speed is magnificent and if I'm working in mainland China in the future I will be purchasing the yearly package to save money. But now the only expectation is to lower the month plan to about 80 yuan.... I'm preparing to purchase again.

Posted by: remieli 1.
ChinaChina, Beijing 2015-07-05

Excellent service. I have tried another tow different providers for the pass two years and Astrill so far is the fastest, more reliable and easy to set-up.

Posted by: Francisco G.

What is Astrill VPN?

Our company is the leader in VPN market providing personal VPN and business VPN services since 2009. Thousands of customers from over 190 countries across the globe choose Astrill as their virtual shield on the Internet every day.

Astrill manages its own global gigabit network of powerfull VPN servers making our service one of the fastest and most reliable on the market. Astrill's team of professionals develops all the software in house, without outsourcing. This ensures Astrill VPN software is one of the most feature rich and easiest to use VPN software available. Astrill supports Windows, Apple Macintosh, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, WiFi routers and many other platforms.

Why do I need Astrill VPN?

Feel safe whenever you use Internet at public places - airports, cafes, libraries, schools, hotels...

Stop anyone to trace your Internet activity - browse the web, don't let others to browse you

Travelers and expats: access the Internet like you are at home - in your native language and without geo-restrictions.

Access VOIP and P2P applications (such as Skype) without restrictions

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Astrill VPN Routers

TP-Link TL-WR703N

TP-Link TL-WR703N

Astrill VPN routers offer you the ability to share your VPN connection with multiple devices on your network, including PS3, Xbox, Roku Boxes, Boxee, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Android mobiles, Android tablets, all your computers and laptops and any other devices that can connect to a router for Internet Connectivity (though Wi-Fi or LAN). The router software has been developed and optimized by Astrill to provide best possible experience when using VPN.

We ship routers worldwide. All routers are shipped from CHINA via the following couriers (ePacket from China, Singapore Postage, SF Express, STO Express, China EMS) depending on destination country.

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