O melhor app VPN para Android

  • Conecte-se ao VPN com um clique
  • Selecione aplicativos e sites que passam pelo VPN
  • Centenas de servidores em mais de 50 países
  • O VPN mais rápido entre todos
Requerimentos: Android 4.4+
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Por que o Astrill é a melhor VPN

Nossos aplicativos oferecem o melhor desempenho VPN com variedade de protocolos VPN.
easy vpn

Connect to VPN with one click

Astrill VPN application has one big ON/OFF button and all settings fit into conveniently small window. Super easy to use.

Smart mode

Smart mode

Tunnel only international websites through VPN and let local websites be accessed directly with your real IP for faster browsing.

Read more about Smart Mode
vpn app filter

Application filter

Choose which applications go through VPN connection and which go through your residential IP (through your ISP).

Read more about filters
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Additional VPN perks

There are so many amazing features in our desktop app.

onion over vpn

Onion over VPN

Access the deep web and .onion domains without the use of Tor. All you need is Astrill

p2p vpn

P2P Support

All servers marked with star are ready and optimized to be used with P2P such as torrents, Spotify or VoIP apps

Safe traffic

Multi-hop VPN

Connect to one server and have your traffic tunneled to second one for double encryption and anonymity

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Great! Love it. Customer for life.


I am still pretty new to this but have been very happy so far.


Great product. Very reliable. Easy to use. Couldn't ask for anything else.


fantastic one botton control after configured i LOVE IT keep up the AMAZING work :)


I Think Astrill is Best of The Best VPN service 10+++++


I think at present you are excellent, thank you

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