When you are looking for an all-in-one VPN solution that's not a compromise in any way, look no further than Astrill VPN. Enjoy the Internet experience you deserve. Fast, secure, and reliable.
VPN for services

No credit card required. Easy to install. Surf free in 3 minutes.

VPN for Netflix

Enjoy Unrestricted Access to Netflix

When you can't watch all the greatest shows and movies due to geographic censorship or ISP restrictions, you need a VPN for Netflix to do the magic. Rely on Astrill to unlock all the doors for you. Binge watch Game of Thrones or share a laugh with a friend watching rerun of Friends, nothing stands between you and exclusive video content.

China banner

Astrill VPN for China Reinstates Internet Freedom

It can become quite tiring to abide by the strict Internet regulations of China especially when your entire social life and communication is dependent on conventional websites and apps. Astrill is the VPN for China based Internet users who want to regain the complete online freedom. Visit every website, use any service.

Fast speed VPN

Consistently Blazing Fast Speeds

Not all VPNs are created equal. Some VPNs do provide the required security but at the cost of slow internet speed. That's not what your internet experience should be. Astrill is a fast speed VPN that maintains high connection speeds whether you are streaming, gaming, downloading or simply browsing through web.

Facebook banner

Unrestricted Access to Facebook

When school, work or government is coming in your way and the most popular social networking platform, Facebook, Astrill VPN solves your problem. Unblock Facebook with Astrill in minutes and connect with your family and friends to share stories, pictures, memories and videos. Astrill reconnects you with people you care about.

No Logs banner

Use Internet without Digital Trail

Except the miniscule amount of meta-information stored temporarily that is crucial to ensuring provision of high quality VPN service to our customers, Astrill doesn’t keep any logs or history. The little information does not in any way personally identify a user or their whereabouts. When we say, Astrill is a No Logs VPN, we mean it.

WhatsApp banner

Reconnect with Your Loved Ones

In many regions around the globe, WhatsApp is either completely or partially restricted because of political or geographical censorship. The lack of availability of the most basic and ubiquitous communication app can make your life a lot more difficult. Astrill VPN helps you to unblock WhatsApp enabling users to access all the features without any restrictions.

WhatsApp banner

Secure Torrent Downloading

If your IP address isn’t masked and data transmission isn’t encrypted, you are exposing yourself to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) as well as the outside world. You need a VPN for torrents download to ensure your torrenting activity remains anonymous and secure. Astrill provides you that privacy and security.

Hide ip banner

Anonymity You Always Desired

When you connect to any online service, app or website, you reveal your IP address to them. And while many web based interactions are safe, your activity can still be tracked and monitored. Astrill VPN hides IP address and encrypts all Internet traffic to ensure you and your information stay anonymous and safe.

Bitcoin trading

Secure Bitcoin Trading with Astrill

Privacy and security are pivotal to Bitcoin mining and trading. Astrill is the VPN for Bitcoin that provides all the security cryptocurrency enthusiasts need for secure Bitcoin trading . With a private IP add on and blazing fast VPN connection speed, you can enjoy the safest and fastest cryptocurrency trading experience.

strong encryption banner

Protection for You & Your Information

With Astrill, you don't only get complete anonymity but highest level of privacy and security for everything you do on the internet. Our military grade end-to-end encryption means it's only you who can access and read the data coming to and from your device. Astrill is the strong encryption VPN you’ve been looking for!

Porn banner

Ultimate Privacy for Ultimate Pleasure

Watching pornographic content on the Internet can be a nervy experience for many since they fear someone will find out. Astrill is the porn VPN that masks your IP address, keeps no logs, and encrypts your Internet traffic to maintain absolute privacy. Now you can have fun without thinking about what if situations!

BBC banner

Watch BBC iPlayer Outside UK

Being one of most respected TV broadcasting service, BBC's content receives high acclamation. Unfortunately, because of some technical reasons, it might not be available to you if you're not in the United Kingdom. Astrill helps you to unblock BBC iPlayer to give you unrestricted access to the high quality content produced by the veteran broadcasting service.

multiple devices banner

VPN Protection for Every Device You Have

With our growing digital needs, our reliance on different types of computing devices has also increased. Instead of restricting yourself to a single device for secure Internet experience, it only makes sense to have anonymity, privacy, and security on every device you own. Astrill is the multiple device VPN you want.

Google banner

Google Everything Everywhere

Not having access to the most prominent Google search engine can be quite restricting in how you use the Internet. While there are other search engines, Google leads the pack with its unparalleled search algorithms and ability to find what you're looking for right away. Astrill enables you to unblock Google in the most secure way possible.

Kill switch banner

360 Degree Security

Even the best VPN connections can fail occasionally. When that happens, all of a sudden your Internet activity is exposed as the connection drops. Astrill’s VPN kill switch prevents such exposure by instantly ceasing to receive or send data to and from your device. We keep you secure even during temporary failures.

YouTube banner

Gain Unrestricted Access to YouTube

YouTube isn't only a primary source of entertainment, it's also a hub of educational resources and news broadcasting. Without YouTube access, you are missing out almost on half of what Internet has to offer. With Astrill VPN you unblock YouTube to gain complete access to hundreds of millions of videos. Now continue to binge watch fun video clips.

Gmail banner

Reconnect with the World through Gmail

Who doesn't use Gmail? Tens of millions of people around the world use it for sending and receiving personal and professional emails. Not having access to one of the most ubiquitous email client can be an issue. Astrill VPN allows you to unblock Gmail under 5 minutes. Reclaim your online freedom in no time!

Twitter banner

Tweet Your Stories Away

Whether you want to follow hip Twitteratis, keep tabs on your favorite celebrities, get quick news, or tweet your stories, unrestrained access to Twitter is a must which can sometimes be a problem if you're not ideally located. Astrill solves that problem with ease by unblocking Twitter and enabling full unconditional access.

Skype banner

Stay in Touch With Loved Ones

Whether you are a grandfather yearning to watch his grandson play or an aspiring fresh grad preparing for a video call interview, Skype remains the most crucial VoIP application that makes it all possible. With no or limited access, you can find yourself in a difficult position to connect with people who are important to you. That's why Astrill VPN offers a secure solution to unblock Skype.

Viber banner

Unlimited Calling with Unlimited Freedom

Many countries around the world restrict Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) based calling for a multitude of reasons. This limits your ability to connect with your friends and family in the times of need. With Astrill, you can unblock Viber to gain unrestricted access to all features and services of Viber. Talk your heart out!

Wikipedia banner

Join Millions of Wikipedia Users

Wikipedia is undisputedly the largest encyclopedia ever created. With more than 5.5 million articles, 45 million pages, and 34 million users, you simply can't afford to lose access to this vast ocean of information. With Astrill, you can unblock Wikipedia easily and fetch all the information you need.

spotify banner

Access Spotify Globally

To enjoy the best music anytime from anywhere in the world, you need Spotify. And when you don't have access to the service because of regional censorship, it's a huge let down. Astrill VPN makes up for it allowing you to unblock Spotify and listen to all the cool music you so desire.

Hulu banner

Watch Favorite Hulu Shows Anywhere

Hulu is home to high quality content and when the Hulu app is restricted, Astrill VPN becomes the rescue service you want. Unblock Hulu in no time and start streaming your favorite Hulu exclusives, seasons, and other TV shows. Astrill provides you high speed throttle free connection for uninterrupted streaming.

VoIP banner

Unlimited Talking with VoIP VPN

When it comes to user friendly VPNs for unblocking VoIP apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, and more, there is no other app that beats Astrill. Download the best VoIP VPN on your device and immediately get in touch with your friends and family. No bans and censorships will come in your way!

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We are always here for you

We know how important customer care is to you. That's why we bring you best customer service round the clock to address whatever concerns you may have. Contact us via 24/7 chat, e-mail or schedule a remote desktop assistance. Fast response time and professionals behind the desk are what makes us the best.

Wikipedia banner

Make Streaming Sports Easy with Astrill

Fuel your enthusiasm for the sports with Astrill VPN as it enables you to connect to multiple streams providing secure and fast connection without any interruptions. Enjoy your favorite games on any screen and cheer your team to victory!

school banner

Remove Roadblocks with VPN for School

Academic institutions usually block conventional social media websites and apps in their bid to keep students away from distractions, essentially locking their students out of a sea of information and the opportunity to work in a collaborative manner through groups. That's why Astrill, the best VPN for school unblocks such websites putting students in a position to access all the information and tools they need for achieving academic excellence.

instagram banner

Unblock Instagram and Share Your World

Academic institutions, workplaces, and a few governments block Instagram for a wide range of reasons. Astrill side steps the censorship by tunneling your Internet traffic coming to and from your device through a secure remote server located in a country where Instagram isn't banned. That way you get unrestricted access to Instagram with all its features. Share your moments with loved ones!

Easy banner

Easiest Internet Freedom You Can Get

We believe that easy VPN is the need of modern time. VPNs have traditionally been exclusive to technology savvy people but increasing number of cyber threats, geo-blocking of content and rising concern for privacy means every regular consumer now requires a VPN service. Astrill is that user-friendly VPN with a simple interface and experience.

voip banner

Unblock Snapchat in 3 Minutes

When the most trendy social media app isn't accessible, it can be a big blow to your ever changing social life. Get around government and institutional censorship with feature rich Astrill VPN to unblock Snapchat and get your digital social life back on the rails. With Astrill, you won't miss a beat!

Kodi banner

Complete Home Theatre Experience

Geographically locked content and services can be quite a trouble. Many countries block a variety of online entertainment services and applications for political and other reasons. People who rely on Kodi and similar services for entertainment can become victims. Astrill VPN unblocks Kodi content and gives you complete and unrestricted freedom to use the app.

HBO GO banner

HBO GO VPN Unblocks Your Favorite Shows

It's not a secret HBO GO serves some of the most premium content on TV. All the top TV shows, documentaries, sports, and original series are on the service and you simply can't afford to miss out on any of it. That's why Astrill VPN unblocks HBO GO in any part of the world so you can take your prime quality entertainment with you.

pokemon banner

Play Pokémon Go Anywhere Anytime

With the competitive gaming frenzy Pokémon Go has created, you naturally want to beat your friends and catch every Pokémon that comes your way. With Astrill VPN that enables you to switch between countless remotely located servers present in 60 different countries, your chances of catching all the Pokémons have never been better!

tinder banner

Find Love with Best Tinder VPN

Tinder is the go-to matchmaking app for singles that helps them find companionship. With millions of people relying on Tinder to find their perfect match, censorship may rain on their parade. Astrill is the best Tinder VPN that not only unblocks the app for you but lets you enjoy all the features and services of the dating app.

showtime banner

Watch Showtime Anywhere with Astrill

Showtime is a modern streaming platform with dozens of brilliant original shows and hundreds of others in its flourishing catalog. Don't let your geographical presence become a hurdle between you and some good time. Watch Showtime from anywhere in the world with a little help from Astrill.