How to Turn Off VPN on any device [Updated]

Updated on June 10, 2024
How to Turn Off VPN on any device [Updated]

Using a VPN has become necessary nowadays because of the cyber threats. A VPN protects your online privacy and allows you to enjoy digital freedom. However, there can come a time when you may be forced to turn off a VPN connection on your device. 

This can be a risky thing to do, so it’s better to do it smartly. Follow this guide and see how to turn off VPN on any device.

Reasons for Turning Off a VPN

Turning off a VPN connection doesn’t seem a reasonable thing to do. Nevertheless, there can be several reasons why you might be forced to turn off a VPN, like:

  • Playing online games and connecting to LAN servers. 
  • In order to access websites and applications that are available locally only.
  • To access streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney Plus that can block VPNs.
  • To access resources available over a local area network (LAN).
  • To use local banking apps that do not work over a VPN. 

How To Identify That You’re VPN is Turned On

Once you have connected to the VPN server, you can check your IP address by simply doing a Google search for ‘my IP address. See which IP address is being shown; If the IP shown after the search is your original IP (which is very unlikely), then you need to reconnect to the VPN server. 

Also, when you turn off the VPN connection, perform a google search and see if you original IP address appears or not. Now that you are not connected to the VPN server, it should show your actual IP address. 

What happens if I turn off VPN?

The basic purpose of using a VPN is to safeguard yourself from cyber threats. When you turn off your VPN, you are actually disabling your protection and making yourself vulnerable by making your network unsecured. 

How to Turn off VPN on Windows?

There are two ways how to turn off VPN on Windows; manually and through a desktop app. If you are using a desktop client for Windows, then you can follow these steps: 

  • Go to Astrill VPN client. 
Astrill VPN Client
  • Click on the Toggle button to switch it off. 
Turn off VPN on Windows
IP address

In case you have manually set up a VPN on your Windows and now you want to turn off the connection, then follow these steps to see how to turn off the VPN on your computer:

  1. Go to Settings 
how to turn off vpn
  1. Click on Network & Internet
Network and Internet - how to turn off vpn on any device
  1. Click on VPN
  1. Now, Click on the VPN connection and click Disconnect.
connect VPN

Now you have your VPN disabled.

How to Turn off a VPN on macOS?

If you are using a dedicated macOS app of Astrill, then you can simply open the app and switch off your connection. However, if you have set up VPN manually on your macOS, follow these steps to see how to turn off vpn on Mac: 

  1. Go to System Preferences
  2. Click on Network.
  3. Select your VPN connection from the left panel.
  4. Click Disconnect.

How to Turn off VPN on iOS (iPhone or iPad)

iOS users using a VPN app on their iPhone or iPad can simply toggle off the connection from the app. However, if the VPN is  manually configured on an iPhone, then follow these steps to learn how to turn off VPN on iPhone: 

  1. Go to Settings 
  1. Click General.
  1. Tap on VPN from the right panel.
  1. Toggle the switch next to Status so that it reads Not Connected.

How to Turn off a VPN on Android?

Android users having the Astrill VPN app for android can easily turn off VPN connection by opening the app and switching the 

  1. Go to Settings 
How to Turn off a VPN on Android?
  1. Open Network & internet settings then Tap on VPN.
How to Turn off a VPN on Android?
  1. Toggle off VPN.
How to Turn off a VPN on Android?

Why you should keep AstrillVPN always on?

Keeping AstrillVPN always on can provide several significant benefits:

Constant Security

Always having your VPN active ensures that all your internet traffic is encrypted. This is especially important when accessing the internet on unsecured networks, like public Wi-Fi, where the risk of cyber threats is higher.

Privacy Protection

AstrillVPN masks your IP address, helping to keep your online activities private from ISPs, advertisers, and any potential eavesdroppers. This continuous privacy shield is crucial in an era where personal data is constantly at risk of being tracked or stolen.

Access to Restricted Content

With AstrillVPN running, you can access content that may be restricted in your region, including streaming services, news outlets, or websites blocked due to geographical restrictions or censorship.

Safe Online Transactions

Whether shopping online, banking, or handling sensitive business operations, maintaining an always-on VPN connection adds more security to your financial and data transactions.

Seamless Experience

Keeping your VPN always on removes the need to remember to activate it each time you go online, providing a seamless and consistently secure browsing experience without the hassle of toggling settings on and off.

How to Turn off VPN on Your Router?

If you don’t know how to turn off vpn on router don’t worry, it’s not hard to do it like it’s hard and complex to set up the VPN. Turning off a VPN on a router isn’t standardized because every router has different configurations. The best way to turn off a router’s VPN is to simply reset it to default settings. This will save you time and eliminate the need to follow complex procedures.

If your router has the option of setting up a VPN in its Settings menu, then you can go to your router settings and turn it off. 

Is It Safe to Turn off A VPN?

No, it is not safe to turn off a VPN! Turning off a VPN makes you vulnerable and you can easily be targetted by malware and hackers. Turning off a VPN for a specific task can be a reason but once you have performed that task, switch your VPN ‘On’ immediately.

Staying unprotected is not a wise thing to do, which is why we recommend that you keep your VPN connection on at all times. In case you need to switch it off for some reason, try setting up a reminder to turn it back on when the task is done. 


Is it safe to disable a VPN?

No, it’s not really safe to.disable.a VPN because once VPN is disabled, you become vulnerable to cyber threats and your anonymity is no longer intact.

Can VPN be stopped?

Yes, you can disable your VPN connection whenever you want to. However, it is highly not recommended because it would expose you to threats.

How do I deactivate a VPN on Chrome?

You can deactivate AstrillVPN by simply turning off the toggle swith on the desktop client. Since AstrillVPN does not have a chrome extension, it is recommended that you use openWeb protocol for Chrome.

Can someone hack my VPN?

No, VPNs cannot be hacked usually unless someone has your VPN credentials. VPNs encrypt your traffic so there’s no way that a VPN can be hacked.

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