How to change region on Instagram: It’s Easier than you think?

Updated on May 8, 2024
How to change region on Instagram: It’s Easier than you think?

If you’re scrolling through Instagram and get serious travel envy from all the amazing photos your friends are posting from around the world and you also wish you could change your Instagram location and make it look like you’re somewhere more exciting than your hometown. Well, there’s an easy way to change your Instagram location with or without a VPN or doing anything sketchy. In this article, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to switch up your Instagram location so you can make your feed look way more worldly. From picking the right locations to making it look realistic, we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to change your Instagram location like a pro.

Why to change Your Instagram Location?

Expand Your Reach

Changing your Instagram location is an easy way to gain more followers and exposure. When people search by location, your posts will show up in their results. This allows you to connect with users interested in your location who may not have discovered you otherwise.

Share Travel Experiences

If you’re traveling, updating your location is the perfect way to share your adventures with your followers. You can post photos and videos from exotic destinations in real time, giving your followers a glimpse into your journey. When you get home, you may find you’ve gained new followers from the places you visited.

Protect Your Privacy

Some users prefer not to share their actual location on social media. Changing your Instagram location allows you to obscure your real location while still geotagging your posts. You can set your location to a city you like or have visited before without revealing where you currently are.

Engage Your Followers

An imaginary or generic location can be an opportunity to engage your followers. You can set your location to something fun like “The Magic Kingdom” or “Middle Earth” and ask your followers where they would like to go. This type of interactive post tends to gain a lot of likes and comments as your followers join in the fun.

Overall, changing up your Instagram location from time to time is an easy way to boost your following, share more of your experiences, maintain your privacy, or simply engage more with your followers.

How to Change Location on Instagram With VPN?

To switch up your location on Instagram without physically going anywhere, you’ll need a virtual private network or VPN. Here’s how it works:

How to Change Location on Instagram With VPN

Find a reputable VPN service

There are tons of VPNs out there, but you want one that’s trustworthy, allows you to choose different server locations, and has apps for your devices. That’s why AstrillVPN is best suitable for this purpose. Get subscription and launch the app. Connect to a server in your desired location.

Register for an Instagram account

You’ll need to create a new Instagram account to match your new location. Come up with a username, password, and profile details that make sense for that region. Use a local phone number if required.

Customize your profile

Now customize your profile to reflect your “new” location. Change your city and country to match AstrillVPN server. You can also adjust the language setting to match. Add location tags, use local hashtags, and post photos of landmarks from that area. Follow popular local accounts to make it look authentic.

Engage with the local community

Comment on posts from top local brands, news outlets, sports teams, influencers, and hashtags. Like and engage with other users’ content. Post at times that match the local timezone. All these little touches will make your account seem genuinely from that region. People probably won’t realize you’re spoofing your location if you do it right!

How to Change Location on Instagram Without a VPN?

To change your Instagram location without a VPN, you’ll want to access your profile settings. Don’t worry, this won’t actually change where you post from, it will just update the location listed on your profile.

Update Your Profile

Head to your profile by tapping the profile icon at the bottom right. Select “Edit Profile.” This will allow you to update details like your profile photo, bio, and location.

Choose a New Location

Tap on the location field, which will bring up a list of suggested cities and places. You can select one of these, or tap “Add a new location” to enter a custom location. Type the city and country or just country you want to use. For example, you might enter “Paris, France” or just “France.”

Save Your Changes

Once you’ve entered your desired location, tap “Done” or “Save Changes” at the top of the screen to save the update. Your new location should now appear on your profile for all to see.

You Can Change it Back Anytime

Keep in mind that changing your Instagram location is just for show,  it won’t actually impact where your posts are geotagged or where Instagram thinks you’re accessing the app from. You can switch back to your actual location at any time just by editing your profile and changing the location again.

Changing your Instagram location is an easy way to make your profile seem a bit more glamorous or worldly.

How to use a Fake GPS App to Change Your Instagram Location?

With a fake GPS location spoofer app, you can make Instagram think you’re anywhere in the world. Here’s how it works:

Download a fake GPS app

Head to the App Store or Google Play Store and download an app like Fake GPS, GPS JoyStick, or LocationFaker. These free apps allow you to manually set a custom location for your phone.

Enable mock locations

Next, you’ll need to enable mock locations on your Android phone.

Go to Settings > Developer options > Mock locations and turn it on.

On iOS, this option isn’t available, so the fake GPS app will prompt you to allow location access when you open it.

Set your fake location

Open the fake GPS app and search for your desired location. Tap the location to set it. The app will override your actual GPS coordinates with the fake ones you selected.

Open Instagram and check in

Now open the Instagram app. When you go to add a location to your story or check in to a place, you should see the fake location you set appearing as an option. Tap to select it, and your followers will think you traveled to that exotic destination!

Be cautious about overusing

While using a fake GPS spoofer for Instagram every now and then is unlikely to get you into trouble, constantly spoofing your location could be seen as suspicious activity by Instagram. Use the feature sparingly and avoid checking into places all over the world within a short period of time.

With a little tech trickery, you can now teleport anywhere Instagram reaches and share photos from nearby destinations!

Main reasons to change your Instagram location

You might want to change your location on Instagram for a few reasons. Maybe you recently moved to a new city or country and want your location to reflect where you actually are now. Or perhaps you want to connect with people in a destination you’re interested in traveling to. Here are the main reasons to change your Instagram location:

Connect with local influencers and brands

Setting your location to a new city or country is a great way to discover influencers, bloggers, and brands in that area. You’ll be able to see their posts in your feed and connect by following and engaging with them. They may even follow you back, exposing you to their audience. This can open up new opportunities for collaborations if you have a business or blog.

Gain new followers

When you change your location, especially to a larger city, you’ll gain exposure to more potential new followers. People in that area may come across your profile and give you a follow, expanding your reach. You can also use location-specific hashtags to increase your visibility. However, be authentic in how you engage with your new followers. Don’t just follow/unfollow or spam them with likes and comments. Build genuine connections.

Plan or inspire your next trip

Searching for the location of your next travel destination is a great way to get inspired for your trip. You’ll find photos of must-see spots, get restaurant recommendations, and discover lesser-known local gems. Save posts that interest you, so you have an itinerary built-in for when you arrive. Your wanderlust will be kicked into high gear in no time! You might even make a few new friends to potentially meet up with once you’re there.

Where is location setting on instagram?

To change your Instagram location setting, you’ll need to access your profile settings.

  1. The easiest way is to open the Instagram app on your phone and tap the profile icon at the bottom right.
  2. Click three horizontal lines at the top right.
  3. Go to “Settings”.
go to insta Settings
  1. Tap on the “Password and Security” option.
Password and Security
  1. Select “where you’re logged in” to view login activity.
Select where you’re logged in
view login activity

Remember that your location is public information, so only set it to a broad location like a city or state rather than your exact address. Stay safe and have fun using the location feature to share more details about your adventures on Instagram!

Does Instagram monitor your location?

Instagram does have access to your location data, but the good news is you have control over how much they monitor. When you first sign up for Instagram, they ask if you want to enable location services, allowing them to see your precise location and tag your posts. While enabling this feature has benefits like location-based hashtags and geotagging your posts, many users prefer to keep their location private.

Adjust your location settings

The easiest way to limit how much Instagram monitors your location is to adjust your location settings.

On iOS,

  1.  Go to “Privacy and Security”.
  2. Select “Location Services.”
  3. Tap “Instagram” app.
  4. Select “While using the app.”

In the Android Settings,

  1. Open the Location tab.
  2. Tap on Google Location Accuracy to turn off the precise location option.
  3. You can also head to Settings and then Privacy to further customize app permissions.

Don’t geotag your posts

Even if you disable location services and location tags in your settings, Instagram can still get a sense of where you are from the locations you search and geotag in your posts. Geotagging is when you add a specific location to a post, like tagging the name of a city, restaurant, or landmark. To avoid giving Instagram more location data than necessary, simply don’t geotag your posts or photos. You can still use location-based hashtags to make your content more discoverable, but avoid tying it to an exact place.

Consider using AstrillVPN

If you want to take things a step further for privacy, you can use a virtual private network (AstrillVPN) when using Instagram. AstrillVPN masks your IP address and location, making it appear as if you’re accessing the internet from somewhere else. While AstrillVPN does add an extra layer of privacy, keep in mind that if you continue to geotag your posts or enable location tagging, Instagram will still have access to that data, which can reveal your general location. Using a combination of disabling location features, not geotagging and AstrillVPN is the most comprehensive approach to limiting how much Instagram monitors where you are.

How do I check my region on instagram?

  1. To see your current region on Instagram, open the Instagram app and go to your profile.
  2. Tap the menu icon in the top right, then select “Settings”.
  3. Scroll down to the “Account” section and tap “Country and Language”.
  4. This will show you the country associated with your Instagram account.

If the country listed is not where you currently are, you’ll need to update your location to post geotagged photos from your actual location. Don’t worry, changing your country on Instagram is an easy process and won’t affect your followers or the content in your feed.

  1. To update your country, tap “Edit” next to “Country” in the “Country and Language” menu.
  2. A list of countries will appear.
  3. Scroll to find your current location and tap to select it.
  4. Instagram will save your new country selection.
  5. You may be asked to verify your new country by providing a phone number from that region.
  6. If so, enter the code Instagram sends to your phone to confirm the change.

Once your country is updated, you’ll then be able to geotag your posts with your actual location and your location stories will feature local stories and places in your area. Your country setting also impacts the trending hashtags and accounts you see in your Explore feed, showing you content popular in your selected region.

Changing your country on Instagram is a simple settings change, but it ensures your location-based experiences on the app are tailored to where you actually are. No VPN or location spoofing is required! If you ever move or travel to a new country, just open the “Country and Language” menu again to update your location and get geotagged and localized content for your new region.

Why AstrillVPN is best for instagram?

AstrillVPN is the best VPN for accessing Instagram when traveling or living abroad. Here are a few reasons why AstrillVPN reigns supreme for Instagram users:

  • With AstrillVPN, you can easily change your virtual location to access Instagram from anywhere. Just select a server, and AstrillVPN will mask your real IP address, making it appear as if you’re accessing Instagram from there. This allows you to view content that may be geo-restricted where you are.
  • AstrillVPN offers high-speed connections ideal for streaming video and loading images on Instagram. AstrillVPN servers are optimized for fast speeds so you can scroll through your feed and stories without buffering or lag. Nothing’s more annoying than a slow VPN when you’re trying to check out the latest posts from friends and family back home.
  • AstrillVPN has worldwide servers in more than 58+ countries, so you have plenty of location options to choose from.
  • With AstrillVPN, your online privacy and security are protected. AstrillVPN uses military-grade encryption to hide your internet activity and personal details from prying eyes. Your passwords, messages, and location data will be shielded from hackers, cybercriminals and internet spies who monitor unsecured Wi-Fi networks.
  • For accessing Instagram abroad or in a place with internet censorship, AstrillVPN is a simple solution. Its easy-to-use apps are compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. With one click, you can connect to a secure VPN server and freely use Instagram wherever you go. Your account access and privacy will be protected anytime you need to change your virtual location.

Overall, AstrillVPN is the ideal service for Instagram users who want the freedom to view content from anywhere without restrictions. Its fast, secure connections and huge network of global servers make it easy to change your virtual location and access Instagram as if you never left home.

How to change location on Instagram?

Changing your location on Instagram is actually pretty straightforward. Here are the steps to update your location for both posts and your profile:

  1. To change the location on your posts, open the Instagram app and go to your profile.
  2. Tap the three dots in the top right corner and select ‘Settings’.
  3. Scroll down to ‘Posts’ and tap ‘Location’.
  4. You’ll see a list of locations you’ve used before – just tap the correct location for your post.
  5. If the location isn’t listed, tap ‘Add a new location’ at the bottom and type in the place name or address.

To change the location listed on your public profile,

  1.  Open your profile and tap ‘Edit profile’.
  2.  Scroll down to the ‘Contact info’ section.
  3. Tap ‘Edit’ next to ‘Location’ and type in your new location.
  4. You can enter a city, state, country or any location you like.
  5. Once you’ve entered the location, tap ‘Done’ and then ‘Submit’ to save the changes.

A few other tips for updating your location on Instagram:

  • Make sure the location you enter is accurate and relates to where the content in your post was created. Don’t choose a random location just for more likes or follows.
  • You can tag locations on both photos and videos in your posts. Just follow the steps to add a location when creating your post.
  • If you have a business profile, updating your location will also update the location shown on your business profile and in searches.
  • You can remove the location from your posts and profile at any time. Just follow the steps to edit the location and delete the current one. Your posts and profile will then show no location.
  • Consider using location tags strategically to improve visibility, but don’t overdo it. Only add a location when truly relevant.
  • Double check that any locations you add are spelled properly and officially recognized places. Invalid locations may be removed by Instagram.

How to change Instagram Region without VPN?

Ever wonder how some people on Instagram seem to have access to features you don’t? The secret is that they’ve changed their Instagram region. Altering your region lets you unlock location-specific tools and gain early access to new features not yet released in your area.

Changing your Instagram region is actually quite straightforward. Here’s how to do it:

  1. First, log into Instagram and go to your profile settings by tapping the three dots in the top right.
  2. Select ‘Change region’ from the menu. This will bring up a list of countries and regions, choose one that has the features you want to access.
  3. Once you select a new region, Instagram will ask you to confirm the change.
  4. Go ahead and tap ‘Change region’.
  5. Your profile will now reflect the region you chose. You may need to sign out and log back in for the change to fully take effect.

Be aware that changing regions can impact some location-based features like Stories rings and location tags. It may also temporarily disrupt your follower count. But not to worry, everything will return to normal once you switch back to your home region.

Changing your Instagram region is a simple trick to gain early access to new tools and options not yet available where you are. Whether you want to test unreleased features, use location-specific filters and stickers, or just see how the Instagram experience differs around the world, altering your region can open you up to a whole new side of Instagram. Give it a try—you can always switch back if you want!


Does Instagram have regions?

Yes, Instagram organizes user accounts into locations based on the country you select when signing up for an account. This allows Instagram to customize your experience based on factors like language and popular accounts in your area.

Can you restrict regions on Instagram?

Instagram does not currently offer the ability to block specific regions or countries from viewing your profile or content. Your Instagram account and posts will be public to anyone on the platform. The only way to restrict your account to certain regions would be to make your account private, but that would block all users who do not follow you.

Does your location matter on Instagram?

Your Instagram location can impact your experience on the platform in a few ways:
The Explore page and account suggestions will show content from accounts in your selected country and language. Instagram determines your location based on the country you choose in your profile settings. Location tags and geotags will only show locations in your current country. So if you set your location as United States, you won’t see location tags for places in Canada or Mexico, for example.
Promoted posts and ads may be targeted based on your location. Advertisers can choose to show ads to users in specific countries or regions. Setting your location accurately helps ensure you see relevant ads.


Now you know about a few simple tricks to change up your Instagram location and unlock new features by using AstrillVPN. Whether you want to access different filters and stickers or just make your feed look more exotic, faking your location is surprisingly straightforward. Just remember to be respectful, follow local guidelines, and have fun exploring all that Instagram has to offer across the globe. The world is at your fingertips, so get out there virtually and start scrolling through some new places.

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