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Stay anonymous.

Astrill has no record of your private data.

We understand privacy is of utmost importance to you. Astrill is a no logs VPN service that respects the trust you have in us.

VPN for no logs
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VPN for no logs

Your information stays with you.

Astrill only keeps the minuscule amount of meta-information temporarily that is crucial to ensuring provision of high quality VPN service to our customers. The little information does not in any way personally identify a user or their whereabouts. When we say, Astrill is a No Logs VPN, we mean it.

What data does Astrill VPN keep?

Astrill is a logs free VPN that is designed in such a way that our server software is no-logs VPN where server software does not allow us to find out which users accessed what websites even if we wanted to. Astrill VPN does not hide behind technical language. We know, as a VPN service, users' trust is what will keep us afloat. That's why our Privacy Policy clearly outlines what Astrill keeps and for how long.

  • Connection time, IP address, device type and Astrill VPN application version are tracked ONLY DURING YOUR VPN SESSION.

  • Once you disconnect from VPN this information is removed permanently from our system ensuring you get the anonymous VPN service we promise.

  • Astrill also counts amount of data used by our customers, however, no personally identifiable information is kept.

  • No logs whatsoever are stored on VPN servers once the connection is terminated.

  • Last 20 connection records which include connection time, connection duration, country, device type and Astrill client application version number are kept. IP addresses or physical location aren't logged.

  • The above information is automatically permanently deleted in the event of no activity in last 30 days and the users can also request manual removal of all the information through our customer support.


Why Astrill VPN needs to keep the above information even temporarily?

Astrill believes in being a strict no logs VPN service, however, some data must be kept in order to ensure that all users receive the highest quality service that is consistently functional. We keep some information for temporary periods because:

  • Some information is necessary for technical functioning of the services.

  • Some information is solely used to limit the number of devices connecting from single account simultaneously.

  • Some information is required to plan network expansions such as how much data is being consumed.

  • Some information is only used by Astrill's customer support to identify potential issues with VPN connection and provide adequate support.

Download log free VPN now No creditcard required. Easy to install. Surf free in 3 minutes.

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Astrill VPN is compatible with
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iPhone iPhone
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Why Astrill VPN is the best when it comes to privacy?

Connect to VPN with one click

No Personally Identifiable Information

Little amount of meta-data kept by Astrill does not tie to any user. It is strictly anonymous.

Descreet activity

No Logging

Astrill is a no logs VPN that doesn’t maintain any permanent record of users’ data and doesn’t store any information for purposes other than provision of high end VPN service.

Astrill VPN doesn't maintain any record

Download log free VPN now

Any user can send a request to Astrill Customer Support to delete the information permanently without any delays.

Download log free VPN now No credit card required. Easy to install. Surf free in 3 minutes.

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