Why is Astrill the fastest VPN?

Fastest VPN Servers

There is no secret!

We invest a lot in our infrastructure which consists of powerful dedicated servers. Each server is connected to 1 gbit or 10 gbit connection using dedicated bandwidth. Servers come with modern processors which support AES encryption offloading. Most of the servers have several processors each with many cores.

VPN connection encryption is computationally very demanding. Only powerful dedicated hardware can achieve great performance when lots of customers are simultaneously connected to VPN service.

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Why should I choose Astrill VPN?

Kill switch

Kill switch feature

Astrill features reliable kill switch VPN service that will keep your Internet activity secure from prying eyes even if VPN connection is dropped.

Browse securly

Military grade encryption

Use 256-bit military grade encryption ensuring complete anonymity and data security

Filter device

Unlimited devices

Connect up to 5 devices in one household simultaneously to the VPN

Unlimited performance

Unlimited performance

Super fast connection on powerful hardware to bring you an amazing Internet experience


Anonymous and safe

Astrill VPN masks your IP address to ensure your location and personally identifiable information is never leaked.

No digital footprint

No digital footprint

There are other advantages of using Astrill VPN including low latency gaming, access to Netflix, zero logging, safe torrent downloading and more.

Secure bitcoin

We accept crypto

Bitcoin, Ethereum, high privacy coins such as Monero, Dash or PIVX and many more accepted

Stay in touch

Stay in touch

24/7 customer support for round the clock professional assistance. Instant e-mail replies and live chat.

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We outshine our competitors!

Many of our competitors have several thousands of servers, even 3,000 or 10,000 or more. This is because they use weak and very cheap VPS servers. Performance will be bad most of the time. They will usually sell lifetime subscriptions to lure customers and with a hope customers will give up after several weeks as service performance will be very poor. So at the end you pay premium price for using a service just for several weeks.

If you want to compare Astrill network size with other VPN providers, multiply number of our dedicated servers with 20 at least and you'll get approximately number of VPS servers.

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so far, I am very satisfied with the reliability and functions of Astril...


fantastic one botton control after configured i LOVE IT keep up the AMAZING work :)


Outstanding service, By far the best experience I've ever had.


Great! Love it. Customer for life.


Great product. Use is on my phone and Ubuntu Linux


This is what I was looking for and it's great in Windows but in Linux it is amazing.