Bypass Online Restrictions with the Fastest VPN in UAE & Dubai

Updated on January 20, 2024
Bypass Online Restrictions with the Fastest VPN in UAE & Dubai

The citizens and visitors of the UAE are well aware of the government’s diligent surveillance and control over the internet. It is a fact that one’s online activities are closely monitored and censored. However, you can regain your online freedom with the help of AstrillVPN.

Using a VPN in the UAE allows you to hide your real IP address and encrypt your data, giving you access to the list of banned apps in UAE, like WhatsApp, FaceTime, and Skype, and bypassing other geo-restrictions in UAE. It also strengthens your online privacy, anonymity, protecting you from prying eyes.

It’s important to understand that authorities are attempting to impose restrictions on using personal VPNs. As a result, we advise carefully selecting your VPN service and setting it up before traveling to the UAE.

This post will explain how and why AstrillVPN is the best VPN in UAE for overcoming limitations and conquering obstacles.

Why Does the UAE Government Monitor and Restrict Online Content?

The UAE has implemented strict internet censorship measures to curb cybercrime and terrorism, resulting in a significant crackdown on internet content and freedom of expression.

The UEA, a conglomerate of seven smaller emirates, is responsible for censorship, preventing citizens from accessing content critical of the current rulership, Islam, the government, or pro-democracy.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) targets content that “offends against, is objectionable to, or is contrary to the public interest, public morality, public order, public, and national security [of the UAE].”

VoIP calling services, including WhatsApp and Snapchat’s video calling functions, are blocked to comply with TRA regulations. Skype video calling is also blocked, and TRA regulations require VoIP providers to register with state-owned ISPs, Etisalat and Du.

Skype was banned during 2018-2019, but the Covid pandemic of 2020 allowed for a loosened regulation around VoIP calling.

Dating websites, pornographic websites, gambling, and content critical of Islam are also blocked. The UAE privacy laws have a history of blocking news media websites that negatively view the leadership and its actions. LGBT content is also blocked under the Federal Penal Code of the UEA, which follows Sharia Law.

Despite these restrictions, the UAE continues to allow free internet access for its citizens.

Websites and Apps Blocked in the UAE

Living in the UAE comes with limited access to a wide range of websites and services, presenting a challenging situation.

Particularly notable in VoIP services is the issue of government-backed telecommunications companies aiming to prioritize their revenue-generating applications and restrict freedom of speech.

Due to the blocking of popular apps and websites, UAE users often face inconvenience. Some of these platforms that are restricted in the UAE include:

Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, Instagram
VoIP ServicesSkype, WhatsApp, FaceTime
GamblingOnline casinos and betting sites
DatingTinder, Grindr
Anti-ReligionWebsites critical of religion
PornographyAdult websites
Political OppositionCertain news and activist sites
Online Privacy ToolsVPN services, certain proxies
Voice and Video CallingDiscord, Zoom, Viber

These restrictions can significantly limit online experiences and communications for UAE residents.

How to Use a VPN in the UAE?

Accessing or setting up a VPN in the UAE might be a challenge in the park. The government actively blocks various VPN pages, making accessing and downloading the software challenging.

Enrolling and setting up a VPN before entering the country is crucial for visiting Abu Dhabi or Dubai tourists.

The first thing that’ll confuse you is which VPN works in UAE. Well, almost all VPNs claim to work just fine in UAE, but AstrillVPN guarantees excellent performance in the UAE, which makes it the top choice VPN to use in Dubai.

Also, many VPN providers don’t have iOS apps that can be used in UAE, but AstrillVPN has a great iOS app that makes it the best VPN in UAE for iPhone.

Follow these steps to Install AstrillVPN on your device :

  1. Subscribe to AstrillVPN [Highly recommended for its performance in the UAE].
AstrillVPN Highly recommended
  1. Download and install the VPN app on your device.
install the VPN app on your device
  1. Open the AstrillVPN app and sign in to it.
AstrillVPN app and sign in
  1. Connect to a server of your preference outside the country.
Connect to a server
  1. Once connected, verify that your IP address has changed.
verify that your IP address has changed
  1. You’re ready to use the internet using the best VPN in Dubai.
use the internet using the best VPN in Dubai

What Else Can You Do with a Dubai VPN?

You can enhance your online experience in the UAE and Dubai with AstrillVPN. Whether you’re a dedicated gamer, enthusiastic streamer, or avid bargain hunter, AstrillVPN offers additional functionalities tailored to your needs.

Access UAE Exclusive Content Anywhere

AstrillVPN can be your solution if you’re traveling and miss your favorite local TV shows and movies.

It allows you to access streaming services in the UAE, even outside the country. You can enjoy popular platforms like StarPlay Arabia, Shahid, and many more by providing you with a UAE IP address.

Take Your Gaming Experience to the Next Level

While utilizing a VPN for gaming will not miraculously increase your talents, it will help you overcome gaming-related issues. Using AstrillVPN dramatically decreases the danger of DDoS attacks, as well as lag and latency.

Furthermore, AstrillVPN enables you to connect to worldwide gaming servers via seamless connections across many locations.

Discover Enhanced Online Shopping Opportunities

AstrillVPN may be your greatest friend while looking for better prices online by concealing your IP address and enabling you to surf in multiple regions.

This makes it impossible for websites to personalize rates based on browsing history, geography, or age. Using a VPN in Dubai may help you save money on things like flights, hotels, gaming, and apparel.

Is Using VPN Legal in UAE?

Using a VPN in the UAE for legitimate purposes is entirely permitted. Using a VPN to access government-banned websites and services, on the other hand, is prohibited. The penalties for such conduct vary from prison time to fines.

Despite the risks, over 40% of UAE citizens use VPNs regularly to access extra Netflix content. Knowing local regulations and religious norms is important to prevent legal issues.

Getting Around VPN Blocking

As mentioned earlier, the UAE frequently bans VPN services as the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) diligently monitors these providers. Moreover, recent changes in the cybersecurity regulations of the country have made it even more likely for VPNs to be banned.

Nevertheless, there are ways to bypass VPN restrictions and access blocked content.

1. Don’t Use a Free VPN

It is important to be cautious when considering free VPN providers, particularly in the UAE. These free VPNs often employ insufficient encryption methods, inundate websites with third-party advertisements, monitor user activities, offer limited server choices, provide slower servers with lower bandwidth, and may even sell customers’ personal information.

Considering the ambiguous legal landscape surrounding VPN use in UAE and Dubai, it is not advisable to take such risks to save a few dollars. It is recommended to prioritize the security and privacy offered by reputable paid VPN services.

2. Change Your TCP Port to 443

The OpenVPN TCP protocol can be configured to use port 443, the same as the HTTPS protocol. This cleverly disguises your VPN traffic as regular SSL traffic from an HTTPS website, providing a form of obfuscation.

AstrillVPN offers an easy-to-use OpenVPN configuration option to switch to this setting effortlessly.

3. Change to a Different Protocol

If the OpenVPN protocol is blocked, AstrillVPN offers alternative protocols for you. One option is the StealthVPN protocol, which is widely used and very secure. However, it’s important to ensure that the protocol you choose includes obfuscation security to ensure proper protection.

Another alternative is the Wireguard protocol, but remember that it may only be supported on certain devices, particularly Windows machines.

We strongly advise against using the Openweb protocol. It’s considered outdated and insecure, which means it needs to be more suitable for maintaining privacy and security, especially in environments with restrictions.

Why AstrillVPN is the Best VPN in UAE?

AstrillVPN stands out from other VPNs because it has a special ” StealthVPN ” technology that hides your internet activity. This makes it harder for the government to know what you’re doing online.

AstrillVPN has servers in the UAE and nearby countries like Egypt and India. To avoid government monitoring, you should connect to the UAE servers. But, if you want to access blocked websites, you need to connect to servers outside the UAE.

The good thing about having servers in multiple locations is that you can avoid censorship and still have a fast internet connection.

Overall, AstrillVPN is the best VPN in Dubai because it lets you access blocked content while protecting your online privacy.


Is Zoom banned in UAE?

Zoom is, unfortunately, prohibited in the UAE.

Is VPN banned in Dubai?

The use of VPNs is not prohibited in Dubai or the UAE, but it is strictly regulated. VPNs may only be used for legal reasons and cannot be utilized for unlawful activity.

Is WhatsApp not allowed in Dubai?

According to the UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TDRA), using WhatsApp voice and video conversations is prohibited due to security and regulatory concerns.
The TDRA is a legislative agency tasked with regulating the telecommunications sector and overseeing the digital transformation of government bodies in the UAE.

Which VPN is most trusted?

AstrillVPN is well-known for its effective censorship bypassing using obfuscation technologies and the StealthVPN protocol.
It provides server alternatives in the UAE and surrounding countries, assuring privacy and access to banned material, as well as dependable service and stringent privacy safeguards.

Does IMO work in Dubai?

IMO, along with the other VoIP apps is blocked in Dubai.

Is Torrenting Legal in the UAE?

Torrenting is strictly prohibited in the UAE due to its stringent copyright laws, and those found guilty can face severe penalties, including substantial fines and imprisonment. Therefore, avoiding engaging in torrenting activities in the country is essential to avoid legal consequences. 

Final Thoughts

In the UAE, there are restrictions on what you can do and see on the internet. To get around these restrictions, you need a VPN.

AstrillVPN is known as the best VPN for UAE and Dubai. With AstrillVPN, you can access usually blocked content, and it’s fast, safe, and protects your privacy. It’s a reliable and quick way to access the full internet in the UAE.

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