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StealthVPN is a proprietary protocol developed by Astrill. It is inspired by OpenVPN and performs an additional obfuscation of traffic which makes it undetectable for automated firewall systems. StealthVPN is very stable and it can work with both UDP and TCP modes.

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Ideal for countries with elevated censorship

Many countries have developed automated firewalls that can perform deep packet inspection (DPI) on-the-fly. This allows them to restrict access to well known VPN protocols such as IPSec or OpenVPN in real time without the need of compiling large databases of VPN IPs to block.

Because of that, such protocols are not suitable for use in countries where governments spend millions and billions on restricting on-line freedom. Come StealthVPN (TM), Astrill's answer to VPN traffic profiling. Bypass firewalls designed to limit VPN technologies with one click.


Extreme reliability

When connected to StealthVPN, all traffic on your device is tunneled through secure VPN tunnel. StealthVPN will automatically reconnect when connection drops.


DNS leak protection

Since all traffic is routed over VPN, this includes DNS requests. Avoid DNS leaks by using Astrill's own DNS servers.


Excellent audited security

StealthVPN uses RSA-2048 certificates for authentication and AES-256 for encryption. These are well audited industry standards that even military relies on.


Port forwarding

Forward ports on VPN IP to your devices. Enable P2P applications such as torrents, Skype, TeamViewer to work faster and more reliable while connected to VPN.

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Application and site filter

Choose which applications and which websites go through VPN connection and which go through your residential IP (through your ISP).

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Great for torrenting

StealthVPN is optimized to work super fast with torrents. Max out your bandwidth and avoid leaking your residential IP while torrenting.

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Choose any protocol and mode combination

StealthVPN allows you to connect using both TCP and UDP protocols. You can also select any port in range between 1 and 65537. So if your workplace, school or government block some of these combinations, you can always be one step ahead. Simulate DNS traffic with UDP port 53 or HTTPS traffic with TCP port 443. The options are unlimited and fully under your control.


Easily get up and running

Being our proprietary protocol, StealthVPN requires Astrill software to run. To get connected with StealthVPN, follow these simple steps:
Download and install

Download and install Astrill VPN application for your platform

Log in

Enter your e-mail and password and click on log-in button

Pick server and connect

Choose from hundreds of servers and connect with one click

Choose from hundreds of servers and connect with one click

Supported platforms

Astrill VPN is compatible with
Windows Windows
MacOS macOS
Linux Linux
iPhone iPhone
iPad iPad
android Android Phone
tablet Android Tablet
router Router
Download Astrill VPN now NOTE: StealthVPN is registered trademark of Astrill Systems Corp. registered with USPTO under reg. no. 5,468,623