Key Reasons for Choosing VPN in the United States

Arsalan Rathore

December 30, 2022
Updated on December 30, 2022
Key Reasons for Choosing VPN in the United States

Taking measures to protect your online privacy is more important than ever in a world where organizations sell your personal information for profit and data breaches occur with alarming frequency. Using a VPN is the ultimate option for every netizen because it provides protection from every online threat and ensures privacy. 

Every person has different reasons for using the internet, and likewise, their need for VPN can and requirements from a VPN would be different. It’s no secret that VPN providers advertise their services for a wide variety of reasons, from unblocking geo-restricted content to securing discounts and promotions on goods and services. However, the security features provided by VPNs are the technology’s most needed attribute.

As per the research, just 6% of people polled said they use a VPN to keep their employer’s information secure. Although 66% of respondents use a VPN to protect their own personal data. 

Reasons for choosing vpn in usa

Another important thing to notice is that only 8% of respondents said that they use a VPN for accessing geo-blocked entertainment. This is quite surprising, considering the fact that most of the VPN providers market their online streaming and geo-restrictions bypassing features proudly and extensively. Either the masses are unaware of these features of a VPN or maybe its not as valuable to them as perceived. 

One more surprising stat to notice was that only 1% of respondents said that they use a VPN torrents. As said earlier, maybe people are unaware of how unsafe torrenting can be without a VPN. Only 1% of people using a VPN for torrenting means that a large number of people are torrenting over an unsecured network and putting themselves at risk. 

This research shows that people are still unaware of the cyber threats and the benefits of a VPN. The digital realm is full of dangers, and everyone is vulnerable nowadays. These days, VPNs are an absolute necessity. People should be informed about cyber threats and how to deal with them. Without knowing the hazards, netizens will not be able to make safe decisions. 

Moreover, if you want to feel even more comfortable and confident in your online safety, you should take additional precautions.

Author: Arsalan Rathore

Arsalan Rathore is a tech geek who loves to pen down his thoughts and views on cybersecurity, technology innovation, entertainment, and social issues. He likes sharing his thoughts about the emerging tech trends in the market and also loves discussing online privacy issues.

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