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OpenVPN, StealthVPN and WireGuard protocols tunnels all applications and all websites through the established VPN connection. However, our implementation of these VPN protocols is much better and more flexible than other VPN providers. Take full control over what traffic goes over secure VPN connection and what traffic is routed directly through your residential IP.

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What is Application Filter?

Some users might want to use VPN only with certain applications, such as Skype, Messenger, eBanking or torrent client and not for browsing. Others might prefer to be able to tunnel everything and have the option to exclude certain apps from VPN (e.g. your business e-mail client). Astrill covers both cases with unique feature that allows you to choose between Tunnel all apps, Tunnel only selected apps or Exclude selected apps modes. This feature is available in OpenWeb, OpenVPN, StealthVPN and Wireguard protocols only with Astrill software.

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App filter is available on:
Astrill VPN also offers Kill switch and App Guard features in desktop application. This allows you to be even more flexible and secure by cutting all Internet connection for specific or all apps if VPN connection drops. This prevents any unwanted data to leak.
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What is Website Filter?

Website filter works much like app filter but is not limited to any specific applications. Instead whole domains (in case of OpenWeb for browsers) or IP ranges (in case of other protocols) can be selected to be tunneled through VPN or excluded. This is very useful if you want to access certain websites or streaming services through your residential IP while staying connected to VPN for all other on-line activities. This feature is available in OpenWeb, OpenVPN, StealthVPN and Wireguard protocols only with Astrill software.

What is Website Filter?
Website filter is available on:

Some people especially in countries with elevated censorship will appreciate our unique feature Tunnel Only International Sites. This special site filter mode will tunnel everything from your country through your residential IP - so that all local streaming services, news, chat clients or payment systems see your real IP and do not think you are coming from the outside world while everything else is tunneled securely over VPN bypassing any local firewalls and blocks.

An equivalent of Smart Mode for OpenWeb is "Unblock sites" mode for other protocols. In this mode, only web sites blocked in your country are tunneled through the VPN while all others will be accessed directly. You can customize our Unblock filter by specifying a list of additional IP addresses which might be blocked. This feature is available only in some countries (e.g. China). For details, please contact our support.