Password leak test

Every day hundreds of websites get hacked and personal customer data is stolen. This often includes passwords, as not all companies encrypt their clients' password as they should. We have collected a database of over 500M leaked passwords and allow you to check whether your password has been leaked in the past on the Internet or not.

We do not save the passwords you submit for test nor link with your account or IP in any way.
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Good password

The best protection

The best protection is to use unique password on every website and do not reuse old passwords. While you can trust some companies to encrypt your log-in details, not everybody does and compromising one of the accounts with shared password leads to the compromise of all associated accounts. Astrill VPN will not allow you to use a password which has been previously leaked regardless of whether it has been leaked for your e-mail or any other. If a password has been used by somebody else and was leaked, then it should never be used again as it may have become part of bruteforce word-lists.

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