Frequently Asked Questions

What are the plans that you offer?

Do you offer free trial in China?

How many devices does a personal VPN plan support?

What VPN technologies Astrill offers?

If there is a court order asking for our logs or personal information, will you provide it to them?

Do you offer Private / dedicated IP?

Does Astrill support Windows Phone?

What is iOS plan? How do I upgrade my iOS plan so I can use VPN on computer?

How can I use my Apple TV with Astrill?

Will Astrill VPN speed up my Internet connection? How can it affect my Internet connection?

Do I need to install Astrill application on my devices?

What is the difference between OpenVPN and StealthVPN?

Do you have plans available in Google Play Store?

Do you ship routers worldwide?

I cannot access, do you have alternative website?

What is Astrill? Why do I need its services?

Can I ask for a refund if I am not satisfied with your service?

Can I use Astrill with my mobile phone such as iPhone, Android etc.?

Does Astrill keep any logs?

How does "Invite Friend" system work?

How do I know Astrill VPN is working fine and all browsing is tunneled?

Do you offer multi-user or company licenses?

How to become a reseller of your service?

How to open a support ticket?

Is communication between my computer and your server encrypted?

Where can I buy a coupon code?

Do I still need to buy service plan if I already bought your VPN router?

Which payments do you accept?

If I do not want to use your Astrill application, can I manually configure your VPN?

How many servers do you have?