When you are looking for an all-in-one VPN solution that's not a compromise in any way, look no further than Astrill VPN. Enjoy the Internet experience you deserve. Fast, secure, and reliable.
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VPN for Netflix

Enjoy Unrestricted Access to Netflix

When you can't watch all the greatest shows and movies due to geographic censorship or ISP restrictions, you need a VPN for Netflix to do the magic. Rely on Astrill to unlock all the doors for you. Binge watch Game of Thrones or share a laugh with a friend watching rerun of Friends, nothing stands between you and exclusive video content.

Bitcoin trading

Secure Bitcoin Trading with Astrill

Privacy and security are pivotal to Bitcoin mining and trading. Astrill is the VPN for Bitcoin that provides all the security cryptocurrency enthusiasts need for secure Bitcoin trading . With a private IP add on and blazing fast VPN connection speed, you can enjoy the safest and fastest cryptocurrency trading experience.

Fast speed VPN

Consistently Blazing Fast Speeds

Not all VPNs are created equal. Some VPNs do provide the required security but at the cost of slow internet speed. That's not what your internet experience should be. Astrill is a fast speed VPN that maintains high connection speeds whether you are streaming, gaming, downloading or simply browsing through web.

Facebook banner

Unrestricted Access to Facebook

When school, work or government is coming in your way and the most popular social networking platform, Facebook, Astrill VPN solves your problem. Unblock Facebook with Astrill in minutes and connect with your family and friends to share stories, pictures, memories and videos. Astrill reconnects you with people you care about.

No Logs banner

Use Internet without Digital Trail

Except the miniscule amount of meta-information stored temporarily that is crucial to ensuring provision of high quality VPN service to our customers, Astrill doesn’t keep any logs or history. The little information does not in any way personally identify a user or their whereabouts. When we say, Astrill is a No Logs VPN, we mean it.

WhatsApp banner

Reconnect with Your Loved Ones

In many regions around the globe, WhatsApp is either completely or partially restricted because of political or geographical censorship. The lack of availability of the most basic and ubiquitous communication app can make your life a lot more difficult. Astrill VPN helps you to unblock WhatsApp enabling users to access all the features without any restrictions.

WhatsApp banner

Secure Torrent Downloading

If your IP address isn’t masked and data transmission isn’t encrypted, you are exposing yourself to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) as well as the outside world. You need a VPN for torrents download to ensure your torrenting activity remains anonymous and secure. Astrill provides you that privacy and security.

Hide ip banner

Anonymity You Always Desired

When you connect to any online service, app or website, you reveal your IP address to them. And while many web based interactions are safe, your activity can still be tracked and monitored. Astrill VPN hides IP address and encrypts all Internet traffic to ensure you and your information stay anonymous and safe.

Porn banner

Ultimate Privacy for Ultimate Pleasure

Watching pornographic content on the Internet can be a nervy experience for many since they fear someone will find out. Astrill is the porn VPN that masks your IP address, keeps no logs, and encrypts your Internet traffic to maintain absolute privacy. Now you can have fun without thinking about what if situations!