Beware of fake apps

Do not get cheated by downloading virus into your device

There are multiple fake apps on the App Store - some disguise as Speed Testing apps, some as Astrill Free VPN app, some just use star logo, blue colors and VPN in name.

Do not log into these fake apps, as they will steal your login details. Do not pay through these imposter apps, as you will lose your money. Only download Astrill app using official link found on our download page. If in doubts, contact our support via Live Chat or e-mail.

Example of a fake VPN app

There is an application called Astrill-Speed APN wifi Testing. This application has thousands of fake reviews written by bots. It is provided by developer Matthew Aiden. Apart from the unknown developer name and fake nonsense reviews, there are multiple red flags. E.g. if you look at copyright, it says Astill instead of Astrill. It contains ads (all our software is ad free). The application looks like this when installed:

After the app is installed, you will be prompted to download VPN client application through an add or a pop-up message.

This requires installation of some developer certificate from unknown source and then .ipa package manually. Again, such complicated installation process should serve as another red flag.

If you do follow these procedures, you will get a fake Astrill VPN app from these hackers. It looks like this:

So what should I do?

Mainly, do not install unofficial applications on your device. You should report these fake apps to Apple, so that you help to protect other users. You can also report to our support so that we can keep track of these apps and also deal with Apple to remove such software from Apple Store as soon as possible.

They will steal your login credentials to Astrill if you try to log in with your account into their application.
They may monitor and log your Internet traffic and spy on you.
They may force you to pay for service which will not work.
You will not get your money back.

Please note that this is just one example of such an application. Always make sure you download the official Astrill VPN client app and feel free to ask our support to give you official link.