Top VPN for multiple devices.

Do you own multiple devices? Go anonymous and protect your online activity no matter what device you're on.

VPN for Multiple devices
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VPN protection for every device

With our growing digital needs, our reliance on different types of devices has also increased. Instead of restricting yourself to a single device, it only makes sense to have anonymity, privacy, and security on every device you own. And that's what Astrill gives you.

A single subscription serves unlimited connections. You'll be in Astrill's protection anywhere, anytime.

Can I connect whatever combination of devices?

There's no catch. Not at all. It doesn't matter what device or operating system you're using, you will get 5 VPN protected connections without any terms and conditions.

  • Two smartphones and a laptop? Sure!
  • A Windows desktop PC and an iOS tablet? Why not?
  • Linux workstation with three mobile devices? No problems!

With VPN for multiple devices, you will be in a position to secure and anonymize your online activity regardless of what device you’re on.

VPN for Multiple devices

Supported platforms

Regardless of the hardware form factor and operating system, Astrill is the best multiple device VPN that will run on any configuration.
Windows Windows
macOS macOS
Linux Linux
Apple TV Apple TV
Router Router
iPhone iPhone
iPad iPad
Android Phone Android Phone
Android Tablet Android Tablet
Boxee Boxee

Who can benefit from multiple device VPN?

Typically when people are looking for a high quality VPN service, they tend to overlook the importance of having a service that can protect multiple devices when an individual, on average, owns 3 devices. All people have on their minds is price, speed, and quality of connection.

While they are absolutely crucial factors, the number of devices a VPN can support should also be a factor to be considered. Many VPN services, for example, appear to be cheaper but it turns out their protection is limited to 2-3 devices at a time and you'd need to spend more money on buying extra subscription. Astrill is one of the few multiple device VPNs that support up to 5 connections at a time and there are many types of consumers who can benefit from it:

Many devices

Many devices

People who own many devices like laptop, smartphone, tablet, and PC. One subscription will cover all your devices.

Family members

Family members

People who want their family members to have privacy and security. A single subscription can provide VPN protection to up to 5 members including you.

Small business

Small business

People who are running a small business can protect their personal and work computers with a single subscription.

Download Astrill VPN No creditcard required. Easy to install. Surf free in 3 minutes.

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