When your digital life hits The Great Firewall.

The best VPN for China

Compared to other countries, China has relatively strict Internet regulation standards which make many websites and online services inaccessible for the users. With Astrill VPN, you can enjoy the uncompromised Internet experience you want.

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What is the Great Firewall of China?

The Great Firewall of China is the name given to Chinese government’s set of Internet regulations network that digitally observes the flow of information and censors anything that violates state’s regulations in regards to speech, information, and search. Apart from that, the Great Firewall of China serves the following key purposes:

  • It obstructs users’ access to applications, online services, and websites that violate state’s regulations
  • It also filters out certain keywords from search that are originated in China
  • The Great Firewall also demands online service providers to save and store personal information of Chinese customers within Chinese borders

How Astrill Beats the Great Firewall of China?

Since its launch in 2009, Astrill has been committed to take on some of the most challenging censorship situations to bypass. In order to accomplish that, Astrill employs two VPN protocols namely OpenWeb and StealthVPN. These protocols have been historically highly effective in terms of bypassing the most difficult online restrictions globally including the ones implemented in China.

OpenWeb and StealthVPN are able to mask online traffic coming to and from a VPN as regular web traffic, even when such digital information is subjected to deep packet inspection by Internet Service Provider (ISP), network administrator or firewall. Moreover, Astrill VPN brings other features that are crucial to enjoy complete Internet freedom in China. These features include:

Facebook at School
Robust security for public Wi-Fi systems
Facebook at workplace
Customizable kill switch which can work with specified applications
tunelling at Country
Split tunneling
Vpn at Country
Smart Mode
Vpn at Country
Ability to choose from secure servers located in 60 different countries
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Ability to connect unlimited devices
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What Can Astrill Do For Me In China?

Astrill VPN is a feature-rich software developed to provide anonymity, security, and unrestricted Internet freedom to the users. There are multiple benefits of using Astrill VPN in China.

Workplace or School Restriction

Avoid Surveillance

The Great Firewall of China observes all the Internet traffic and that's how data packets that are in violation of regulations are blocked. With use of advanced anonymity protocols like StealthVPN and OpenWeb, Astrill enables you to avoid surveillance eliminating the chances of spying on or limiting your Internet activity.

Government Restriction

Unblock Social Media

Many social media websites including the largest one, Facebook, is banned in China. If you're a Chinese citizen you probably have an account on the alternative available, however, if you're arriving in China from some other country, you need the option to be able to use traditional social media websites. Astrill VPN provides you the luxury.

ISP Throttling

Unblock Google Services

If you're dependent on Gmail for personal and/or professional communication, you might have to face trouble in China as many Google services are blocked. Astrill VPN for China unblocks all the Google services so your work flow isn't compromised.

ISP Throttling

Unblock Video Streaming Services

Just like social media websites and Google services, some video streaming services are also blocked in China such as YouTube. Astrill VPN gives you the unrestricted access you want to these video streaming services so you can keep enjoying the most of your primary source of information and entertainment.

Convenient Payment Modes

At Astrill, we understand that providing a great service isn't just about developing a fantastic product but a complete package that gives convenience to the customer on every corner. That's why we bring all the payment modes that are highly popular in China so you don't have to face any trouble paying for the Astrill VPN service.

Government Restriction
union pay Restriction
union pay Restriction
union pay Restriction

Is It Okay For Me to Use VPN In China?

Absolutely. Because of the strict Internet regulation and restrictions, many expatriates and those who are getting an education have to rely on a VPN provider to gain access to services, apps, and applicavtions in order to be able to complete their tasks, projects, and assignments effectively.

Even BBC Corporation recommends their consumers in China to use a VPN to access their website! BBC, in a bid to improve security of their website, upgraded from http domain to https which resulted in violation of state's regulation.

Best school connetion
Break The Great Firewall today No creditcard required. Easy to install. Surf free in 3 minutes.

Why Is Astrill the Best VPN for China?

Astrill VPN has been developed to overcome some of the most challenging online bans, restrictions, and censorship policies. It includes features that don’t only give you unrestricted access to the websites and services you want but ensure you stay anonymous and secure on the web. Here are some of the key highlights of Astrill that make it the most effective VPN for China:


Advanced VPN protocols

Advanced VPN protocols such as OpenWeb and StealthVPN


Security features

Set of innovative security features including customizable kill switch, smart mode, and split tunneling


Best encryption

Military grade 256-bit encryption to keep your data safe from intruders

Unlimited performance

Unlimited performance

High speed and high bandwidth connections to give you the best Internet experience


Dedicated servers

Purpose built servers to aid specific online activities such as gaming and streaming


No digital footprint

Strict no logs policy to ensure there is no digital trail left behind for anyone to exploit


More than 350 servers

Unlimited switches between more than 350 secure servers in 60 different countries

One VPN. Countless possibilities

Access with Astrill VPN all websites and service all over the globe:

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Honestly, I'm a big fan. Works wonders for my family in China and for me back in the states. When one of our subscriptions runs out, it's a payment I'm happy to make. Keep up the good work!


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