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Fast VPN services
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Fast VPN services

Consider the speed. It matters.

Fast speed VPN is crucial for maintaining high quality online experience.

Many internet users who prioritize security and privacy often forget that internet speed is a major contributing factor of your online experience. While VPN services claim to be ultra-secure, the security comes at the price of slow internet. Some VPN connections become so painfully slow that it becomes a frustrating experience to browse, stream video or download.

Astrill does it one better. With our updated and purpose-oriented servers, we ensure that every user gets the lightning internet speed they deserve. Our innovative methods and clever use of technology allow us to deliver you almost the same internet speed you signed up for. Astrill is the fast speed VPN you are looking for.

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How Can a Slow VPN Affect Your Internet Activity?

Slow Browsing

Slow Browsing

If you don’t have fast bandwidth VPN, your internet browsing speed will suffer and pages will take a long time to load. Not only that, when there is a lot of load on the server, it will stop responding causing unnecessary frustration and delay.

Sketchy Streaming

Sketchy Streaming

Video streaming services heavily depend on your internet speed. Internet slowdown can cause streaming to become spotty showing the dreaded circle chasing its own tail. With fast speed VPN, this isn’t a worry.

Sluggish Download

Sluggish Download

Have put something on download? A low speed VPN will ensure you wait and wait long. You need a fast VPN download speed to ensure your internet experience doesn’t get affected.

Subpar Gaming Experience

Subpar Gaming Experience

Those who enjoy multiplayer games understand the importance of latency. When your input speed doesn’t translate into quick action due to high latency, you are bound to have a poor gaming experience.Low latency VPN solves that issue.

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Why does VPN cause slowdowns?

Generally, the rule of the thumb is, the higher the security measures the slower your internet speed. If you introduce multiple security steps such as locked doors, ID verification, biometric verification etc., people coming to meet you will take more time to get to you since they've to go through all the measures. Similarly, when your internet traffic is rerouted through a VPN via a remotely located server, it takes more time for the data packets to reach the target website or service and then make their way back to you.

That is why VPN can slow your internet down. However, don't feel disappointed, there are workarounds to come over these challenges.

Fast VPN services

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Factors Affecting Your VPN Speed

Using a VPN service means you're not only tunneling your internet traffic through a different browser but also encrypting the data packets to prevent any compromises in the event of any interception. This may cause your VPN connection to slow down, but there are multiple other factors that can affect your internet speed.

  • Internet Speed - Sometimes your ISP is responsible for internet slowdown

  • Protocol and Encryption - Web protocols and encryptions can affect the internet speed as well. Some encryption protocols are better than others in terms of performance.

  • Antivirus/Firewall - Presence of antivirus or a firewall on your device can also slow down the internet speed

  • VPN Server Distance - The farther the VPN server is from your actual location the higher the latency. High latency means data packets take more time to reach your device.

  • Malware - If a malicious software has installed itself on your device it can choke your internet speed. Many users have found malware that uses the device resources for cryptocurrency mining.

How to improve VPN connection speed

There are many ways you can ensure you are getting the best VPN connection speed on your device including:

  • Get a fast speed VPN like Astrill.

  • Pick a fast bandwidth VPN service that uses highly optimized protocols and encryption.

  • Don’t use resource hungry antivirus or firewall services.

  • Check and delete if there’s any malware.

  • Choose a server that’s geographically closer to your location. Selecting a server that’s not loaded with traffic.

How Astrill VPN maintains high speed VPN Connection?

  • Always Adding New Servers

  • Purpose Oriented Servers

  • Optimized protocols

  • Quick and secure encryption

  • Dedicated video streaming servers

  • Investment in underlying software

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fantastic i have used 3 other vpn's that i will not mention , this is the clear winner fast ,ease of use and great customer support could not ask for more . Jason


This is what I was looking for and it's great in Windows but in Linux it is amazing.


Very easy to use and very reliable. I am from the Philippines and I am getting a lot of servers from this. It is fast as well.


so far, I am very satisfied with the reliability and functions of Astril...


super easy to use never had a problem.


Great service for the price. I really enjoy it.