Unblock BBC iPlayer today.

BBC creates and broadcasts world class content and Astrill VPN ensures it remains accessible to you.

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Unblock BBC iplayer now

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Watch BBC iPlayer From Outside of UK

As one of the oldest and most respected TV broadcasting service, BBC's content stays high acclaimed. Unfortunately, because of some technical reasons, it might not be available to you if you're not in the United Kingdom. By unblocking BBC iPlayer, Astrill gives you unrestricted access to the high quality content produced by the veteran broadcasting service.

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How Can Astrill Unblock BBC iPlayer Service?

Download Astrill

Download and install Astrill VPN software/app on your device.

Select state

Run the VPN app and select a server that's located in UK.

Monitor BBC

Open BBC iPlayer on your device and enjoy unlimited access to premium quality content.

If you are facing any issues, feel free to reach out to Astrill’s customer care and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Make Your Experience 100% Reliable With Dedicated IP

While Astrill VPN will unblock BBC iPlayer, occasionally the service may identify that traffic is being sent via a shared VPN server. You can choose a different server to continue using your service but to avoid any type of interruption completely, Astrill’s Dedicated IP service would serve you well.

A dedicated IP is actually a private IP that you own. It means there will be only you who would be using the IP address instead of hundreds of other people and broadcasting service will never suspect it to be a VPN based workaround.

VPN for bbc

Why Should I Choose Astrill Over Other VPNs?

Astrill VPN not only unblocks BBC iPlayer but other streaming services and applications as well including:

Apart from unblocking BBC iPlayer service and a range of other Internet services, Astrill gives you:

Up to 5 devices

Kill switch feature

Features reliable kill switch VPN service that will keep your Internet activity secure from prying eyes even if the connection is dropped.

Military grade encryption

Military grade encryption

Offers 256-bit military grade encryption ensuring complete anonymity and data security


Up to 5 devices

Gives you the ability to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously to the VPN

Unlimited performance

Unlimited performance

Provides improved speed and bandwidth to bring amazing Internet experience


Anonymous and safe

Masks your IP address to ensure your location and personally identifiable information doesn’t get leaked.

No digital footprint

No digital footprint

There are other advantages of using Astrill VPN including low latency gaming, access to Netflix, zero logging, safe torrent downloading and more.

Unblock favourite sites

Bitcoin friendly

Accepts bitcoin as a payment option

Stay in touch

Stay in touch

24/7 customer support for round the clock professional assistance

Is Astrill VPN's connection reliable?

Astrill VPN allows you to connect unlimited number of devices to enjoy the complete range of VPN services including unblocking BBC iPlayer along with other web and mobile applications, 256-bit military grade encryption, IP masking, and more.

Astrill has more than 350 purpose oriented servers located in different countries to ensure customers enjoy interruption free VPN service.

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One VPN. Countless possibilities

Access with Astrill VPN all websites and service all over the globe:

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