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Is your school, workplace, or country denying you social activity by blocking Facebook? Now you can unblock Facebook instantly with Astrill and connect with your loved ones.

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Where can Astrill VPN unblock Facebook?

If you can’t access Facebook on any device and your internet connection is working fine, it means either it’s the network or the geographical location that’s causing the blockage. Most often it’s either an academic institution, a corporate organization or a country’s government that blocks Facebook for a multitude of reasons.

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Facebook at workplace
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It doesn’t matter who is blocking your access to Facebook. With Astrill VPN, you can circumvent the blocked network altogether to get back on to your favorite social networking site. It’s easy. It’s quick.

How can Astrill VPN unblock facebook app & website?

Astrill is a Virtual Private Network that reroutes all the internet traffic coming from your device to an internet network located remotely while also concealing your IP address. Not only that, Astrill VPN encrypts all the internet traffic as well.

In simple words, it takes away your internet traffic from your default network on which Facebook is blocked and sends and receives data packets through a completely different network that doesn't block Facebook.

VPN for Facebook

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VPN for Facebook

Isn't it wrong to use a VPN to unblock Facebook?

Absolutely not! We believe that every individual is entitled to internet freedom and they should be able to access the most popular social networking website whenever and wherever they want. Astrill provides you with that opportunity.

Facebook isn't just a way to talk to your loved ones, it's also a source of news and information as well as a hub of groups where likeminded people can help each other out. All of those Facebook features can come in handy in a school assignment or a workplace project. As long as you are accessing Facebook responsibly, you are golden.

Why Astrill is the best VPN to unblock Facebook?

More Secure

More Secure

All communication going through a VPN tunnel are encrypted with modern protocols that are prohibitively difficult to crack. In the event of any interception, the odds of your communication getting leaked are almost zero.

More Private

More Private

Astrill is a no logs VPN which means we do not maintain any record of your IP address, location or any other point of data that can identify you personally. It means there is no record of any information that can be traced back to you.

More Bandwidth

More Bandwidth

Astrill provides its customers with dedicated purpose oriented servers which means you not only unblock Facebook but you can also surf your favorite social networking site at an improved speed.

More Freedom

More Freedom

Did you think Astrill will only unblock Facebook site? No! If there are any other websites that you can’t access because of restrictions or government censorship, all those websites will also become accessible!

Unblock Facebook now No creditcard required. Easy to install. Surf free in 3 minutes.

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I love astrill service both fast and strong


Very easy to use and very reliable. I am from the Philippines and I am getting a lot of servers from this. It is fast as well.

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Very good uptime and stability.


Easy to use out of the box! Recommended even for beginners!


Astrill is mint! Does exactly as it says on the tin! Keep up the good work :)


So far Astrill is great! Connection speed is nice and reliable! As far as I can see, all of my internet activities are secure/encrypted.