The most reliable VPN for Netflix

The most reliable VPN for Netflix

  • Unlock Netflix website and app
  • Watch US Netflix
  • Consistent blazing fast speed
  • Always connected, 0% downtime
Unblock Netflix Now

No creditcard required. Easy to install. Stream Netflix in 3 minutes.

Netflix VPN
Unblock Netflix Now

No creditcard required. Easy to install. Stream Netflix in 3 minutes.

Secure. Fast. Affordable.

Secure. Fast. Affordable.

Living without Netflix is like living without YouTube. It is a must have service. When your access to Netflix is restricted or otherwise limited, Astrill is the pal you want. A VPN that will unblock Netflix the most popular video streaming service giving you free access to all the content the service has on offer.

Watch Netflix on any device

Astrill VPN is compatible with
Windows Windows
macOS macOS
Linux Linux
Apple TV Apple TV
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iPhone iPhone
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Android Phone Android Phone
Android Tablet Android Tablet
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How to use Astrill VPN to unblock Netflix?

We have made it extremely easy for you to access Netflix through our VPN service. It will take only 3 minutes before you are enjoying your favorite show.

Download the setup file for Windows/MacOS and install the software or if you want VPN on mobile, download the app from App Store for iOS or Play Store for Android.


Run the installed software or downloaded app and select a VPN server located in the US.


Initiate the connection and watch US Netflix through website or Netflix app.

If you are facing any issues, feel free to reach out to Astrill’s customer care and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Why should I use Astrill VPN for Netflix?

Connect to VPN with one click


Most VPNs create a bottleneck that slows down the performance of your internet. That results in sketchy streaming which can get frustrating real quick. Astrill retains high speeds to ensure your HD video streaming works flawlessly and you don’t have to look at loading… message after every few seconds.

Site and app filter


VPNs also enable internet users to take control of their privacy and security. With Astrill, your online identity remains hidden and you can securely browse the internet. Not only that, with military grade encryption and no-logging policy, you're more protected than ever.

Openweb and StealthVPN protocols


For many VPN services, it’s a challenge to maintain high quality reliable connections which can end up in slow speeds and long downtimes. With 335 servers located in 64 different countries worldwide, Astrill ensures you never have to deal with these annoyances.

Sign up now No creditcard required. Easy to install. Stream Netflix in 3 minutes.

Thousands of satisfied reviews


Great for streaming 4k. I can watch US TV shows when I travel on business trips.


I love you Astrill!! Finally I can watch Friends with my friends :)


I am not very much PC savvy but this one button thing keeps me connected to my favorite shows! Gracias!


Wow, finally a VPN that supports Netflix. I have tried numerous others and the proxy error pages have been hunting in my nightmares!


5 stars for netflix. thanks so so so MUCH!!!


Netflix and chill - go get Astrill. Thanks guys!

Why do i need VPN to unblock Netflix?

Sometimes it is your Internet Service Provider (ISP) who either bans or throttles the bandwidth selectively for Netflix traffic and the other times it’s Netflix itself who erroneously bans your IP address believing you’re not legally entitled to watch their content. In few cases, such ban is also imposed by the governments.

To overcome these restrictions, Astrill tunnels your internet traffic through a different IP address to unblock Netflix. This way your ISP can’t compromise your movie streaming experience and you can watch as much Netflix as you want!

Sign up now No creditcard required. Easy to install. Stream Netflix in 3 minutes.
Why do i need VPN to unblock Netflix? Standard connection vs. Connection with Astrill VPN