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Astrill enables you to bypass regional censorship by unblocking WhatsApp texting, content sharing, and voice and video calls. This is the best WhatsApp Unblocker app you can have!

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In many regions around the globe, WhatsApp is either completely or partially restricted for political or geographical reasons. The lack of availability of the most basic and ubiquitous communication app can make your life a lot more difficult as catching up with your family and friends becomes complicated.

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Currently VoIP services are banned in Guyana, Kuwait, Libya, North Korea, Qatar, UAE, Oman and many more countries. Astrill VPN acts as a WhatsApp unblock app to enable users to access WhatsApp services and features without any restrictions.

VPN for whatsapp

Secure and Anonymous Conversations

Not only does Astrill VPN unblocks WhatsApp, with IP address concealment and military grade encryption, it also ensures that no government or law enforcement authority can track down your location or intercept your communications. With Astrill VPN, you remain safe and anonymous.

How to unblock WhatsApp using Astrill VPN?

Download Astrill

Download Astrill VPN setup file for Windows/MacOS and install the software or if you want VPN on mobile, download the app from App Store for iOS or Play Store for Android.

Select usa

Within the AstrillVPN app, select the server that's located in a country where WhatsApp is available without any restrictions.

Start Download

Open the WhatsApp app and enjoy all the features and services to connect with your loved ones.

If you are facing any issues, feel free to reach out to Astrill’s customer care and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Can I unblock WhatsApp Android App with Astrill?

Astrill supports all major operating systems including Windows, MacOS, iOS , Linux and yes, Android . You can simply download Astrill's VPN app from Play Store to gain unrestricted access to WhatsApp features and services.

If you are looking to run WhatsApp on multiple devices on a single network, it is recommended to install VPN on the router itself and all your devices will automatically have unblocked WhatsApp.

VPN for whatsapp

Why Astrill is the best VPN to unblock WhatsApp?

Up to 5 devices

Anonymous and safe

Astrill provides fast, secure and anonymous connection which means you don't only access WhatsApp but remain completely safe.

No digital footprint

Military grade encryption

Military grade encryption means government, law enforcement agencies, ISPs, and hackers can't intercept your communication data.


Up to 5 devices

You can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously including PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Unlimited performance

Unlimited performance

Unlimited bandwidth means there are no data caps



More than 350 servers in 62 countries

Military grade encryption

No digital footprint

There are other advantages of using Astrill VPN including low latency gaming, access to Netflix, zero logging, safe torrent downloading and more.

Unblock favourite sites

Unblock favourite apps

While Astrill unblocks WhatsApp, it also unblocks other VoIP services such as Viber and Skype.

Stay in touch

Stay in touch

Astrill has 24/7 customer support which means you can get a representative to help you out if need be.

Unblock WhatsApp today No creditcard required. Easy to install. Surf free in 3 minutes.

One VPN. Countless possibilities

Access with Astrill VPN all websites and services all over the globe:

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